Objet printing

Sept. 21, 2011
Improved material transparency provides better visibility of soft tissues during medical and dental procedures.
REHOVOT, Israel--Objet, a leader in 3-D printing for rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing, has launched a new bio-compatible 3-D printing material (MED610). According to Objet, the material combines bio-compatibility with high dimensional stability and clear transparency. This makes it useful for PMMA simulation and a range of medical and dental applications, particularly the production of accurate, customized surgical guides.Dr. Stan Brodie, specialist in digital implant planning and surgical guides at iDent, and a user of Objet 3D printing technology, commented, “The accuracy and fine detail of Objet 3-D-printed surgical guides guarantee surgeons a consistently high level of precision that’s unmatched by manual processes. The new bio-compatible material now introduces further benefits to the process with improved transparency, making it easier to monitor underlying soft tissue during dental procedures.”Avi Cohen, head of medical solutions at Objet added, “Objet invests significantly in R&D in order to proactively meet the requirements of our customers. The advanced mechanical properties of the new bio-compatible material, including its clear transparency, bring benefits to the entire medical and dental workflow--from surgical planning through to the procedure itself.”The new Objet bio-compatible material is intended for prolonged skin contact of more than 30 days and mucosal-membrane contact of up to 24 hours. It has five medical approvals according to the harmonized standard ISO 10993‑1: Cytotoxicity, Genotoxicity, Delayed Type Hypersensitivity, Irritation and USP Plastic Class VI.* MED610 is also manufactured under the ISO 13485:2003 certification, which specifies that each and every batch of the material undergoes bio-compatibility conformity testing, including GC-FID before it is packaged. This helps ensure the highest bio-compatible standards for medical and dental application requirements.MED610 is the second material the company has created specifically for dental and medical applications. It joins the company’s original Objet VeroDent material, used extensively by dental labs worldwide in the digital dental process.Objet illustrates productivity, advantages of 3D printing solutions for digital dentistryThe bio-compatible material can be used on all Objet Connex and Eden 3-D printers and is available for purchase. Existing customers can use this material following a software upgrade.*Biological Testing: Parts printed by Objet according to Objet MED610 Use and Maintenance Terms (DOC-08242) were evaluated for biocompatibility in accordance with standard DIN EN ISO 10993-1: 2009, Biological evaluation of medical devices-Part 1: Evaluation and Testing within a risk management process. This addresses cytotoxicity, genotoxicity, delayed hypersensitivity, and USP plastic Class VI which includes the test for irritation, acute systemic toxicity and implantation.For more information, visit us at www.objet.com.To comment on this product, go to community.pennwelldentalgroup.com/.