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Shofu offers new videos to promote line of abrasives

April 22, 2014
Videos feature Dr. Frank Mlinar's hands-on demonstration of each of the abrasives and their features.

Shofu Dental Corporation, a manufacturer dental abrasives, is promoting the company's line of abrasives with several new videos on its website.

The videos feature Dr. Frank Milnar’s hands-on demonstration of each of the abrasives and their features and benefits.

Within “The Essence of Composite Art” video, Dr. Milnar demonstrates his artistic approach on how to create esthetic restorations that mimic the light reflection and refraction properties of natural enamel.

Dr. Milnar starts the video with his technique on creating geometric shape to the restoration with Shofu’s Super-Snap disks followed by how to form texture using Robot FG Diamonds, Dura-Green Stones, and Robot CTF-FG Finishers. The video closes with a final polishing step using DirectDia Polishing Paste and Super-Snap Buff Disks to provide high-gloss results.

Shofu has also collaborated with Dr. Milnar to create 11 new product overview videos to exhibit the features and benefits of each abrasive product line.

Dr. Milnar lends his knowledge of each of the abrasives and demonstrates how to use each. New abrasive videos include Shofu’s Brownies and Greenies, Super-Snap, Super-Snap X-Treme, OneGloss, Dura-Green, and Dura-White.

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