Maryland: 2012 RDH eVillage Salary Survey

Oct. 8, 2012
Statistics for Maryland in 2012 RDH eVillage salary survey.


2012 average hourly rate: $42.90

2011 average hourly rate: $41.55

Increase: $1.35

The highest hourly rate reported was $52; the lowest was $24.

21% earn $45 an hour, and 15% earn $40 an hour.

2012 average daily rate: $369.63

2011 average hourly rate: $338.39

Increase: $31.24

Please note: The 2012 average daily rate is based on only eight responses. The 2011 average daily rate was based on 13 responses.


The question on the survey was, "What benefits are available to you through your employer?" So the percentages below merely indicate who can take advantage of the benefits. It does not necessarily indicate who exercises these benefits.

Health insurance, 40%
Employer contribution towards retirement, 57%
Paid vacation and holidays, 93%
Paid sick leave 43%
Life insurance, 3%
Dental insurance, 13%
Disability insurance, 7%
CE tuition reimbursement, 53%

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