With OptiBond Solo Plus from Kerr, you can either total etch or self-etch

March 26, 2002
To etch or not to etch ? that is no longer the question

Self-etching adhesives can present an enticing alternative to total etch, especially if post-op sensitivity is a problem. For some, however, the long-term success of total etch is reason enough to stick with a proven system.

Regardless of which technology you embrace, Kerr has an adhesive solution for you: OptiBond Solo Plus, now available in either total etch or self-etch systems.

OptiBond has been critically acclaimed since its introduction in 1991. Over the years this chemistry has evolved to continually embrace the modern practitioners' needs, with unique Kerr innovations. Glass filler for strength. The world's first Unidose single-component adhesive. The only one-bottle bond indicated for both direct and indirect applications.

Today, OptiBond Solo Plus meets yet another need by offering you the choice of either a traditional phosphoric acid step, or our new self-etch primer. Either way, you get the full benefits of OptiBond Solo Plus along with it. Today's leading edge chemistry, with the flexibility to choose your technique. All backed by 10 years of success. Only from Kerr.

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