ProDrive Systems expands line of upgrade turbines

Jan. 27, 2009
With the release, a total of nine models now are available.

MONTREAL, Canada--ProDrive Systems Inc., a company that develops high-performance upgrade turbines for leading brand handpieces, has announced the release of the Midwest XGT ProDrive Upgrade Turbine.

With the release, a total of nine models now are available. ProDrive turbines are currently available for:

* Kavo models: 632, 633, 635, 642 and 645
* Midwest models: Tradition Push Button, Tradition Lever and XGT
* Star 430

The patented ProDrive System improves handpiece cut speed, provides smoother cutting and accuracy in cut when compared to the same handpiece with a traditional friction grip turbine.

Extensive engineering tests demonstrate that Kavo, Midwest and Star handpieces upgraded to ProDrive provide substantially improved performance and significant efficiency improvements to the dentist.

"The early response from our customers is overwhelmingly positive. We receive passionate feedback daily from dentists who realize how much we can enhance their existing handpiece. This ongoing positive feedback demonstrates the performance improvements measured in our test-labs and translate into major benefits to dentists in their everyday practice," said Richard St. Pierre, COO, ProDrive Systems Inc.

After 4.5 years of extensive research and development, and widespread field trials across North America, ProDrive products were commercially launched in January 2009.

ProDrive products are currently available through Atlanta Dental, Goetze Dental and Iowa Dental, and will be available through other American Dental Cooperative members throughout 2009.

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