Two kid-friendly glove box designs now available

Nov. 22, 2006
SmartPractice unveils cartoon-themed boxes.

PHOENIX, Arizona--SmartPractice has introduced two new kid-friendly box designs that are ideal for use during National Children's Dental Health Month to delight children at school presentations and for use in dental practices.

"100% of kids who see these cartoon-themed boxes will want to see what's inside!" said Karen Burk, SmartPractice Glove Product Manager.

You'll appreciate the comfort and fit of these latex powder free exam gloves, every day with your pediatric patients. Coordinate with your office theme and create smiles with cartoon characters on the boxes.

"Slide your paws into these gloves." GARFIELD latex powder free exam gloves feature the feisty fat cat's cartoonish sarcasm that makes us laugh, fostering a positive attitude between patients and dental professionals. The glove box matches other GARFIELD products you may already use, such as recall cards and bibs. Patients of all ages can feel more relaxed with a brightly colored GARFIELD glove box in view.

Kolorful's latest addition of latex power free exam gloves features popular Disney characters on glove boxes to add more color and magic to your practice. Let Mickey and friends cheer up your practice decor, comfort anxious patients and expand on a theme if you use our other products with the image, such as bibs and recall cards.

SmartPractice's wide selection of gloves offers quality and comfort in a variety of sizes, styles and fit in latex and non-latex materials.