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Gift from Septodont creates lecture hall at dentistry school

April 12, 2013
Septodont Lecture Hall will be NYU College of Dentistry’s largest facility for lectures, programs, and events.

Septodont North America, a product development and manufacturing corporation dedicated to the dental profession, has made a gift to NYU College of Dentistry, and the college has recognized the gift with the naming of the Septodont Lecture Hall.

Formerly the Saklad Auditorium, renovations are expected be completed by mid-August 2013.

With seating for 443 people, the Septodont Lecture Hall will be NYUCD’s largest facility for student lectures, continuing education programs, and school-wide and community events. To perpetuate the memory of Dr. Maurice J. Saklad, Class of 1941, NYU alumni trustee, and longtime member of NYUCD’s prosthodontics faculty, the area adjacent to the Septodont Lecture Hall has been renamed the Saklad Atrium.

“Since its establishment in 1979, the Saklad Auditorium has been the site of nearly 32,000 classes for more than 28,000 students,” said Dr. Michael P. O’Connor, executive vice dean for administration and finance.

“Thirty-four years of extreme utilization have contributed to extensive wear and tear, and the once-splendid auditorium facilities have become worn out and antiquated. Septodont’s visionary gift will allow NYUCD to transform the space into a 21st century facility that boasts the latest in technology, design, and function.”

The Septodont Lecture Hall will be equipped with technology and amenities such as a large new projection screen, tablet-arm seating to give students a place to rest their computers and notebooks, and 130 outlets from which to charge laptops and other electronic devices. Our students, faculty, staff, and guests will soon be able to enjoy a truly modern, comprehensive lecture hall.”

Additional upgrades include aisles to improve entry and exit to and from seats, new carpeting, acoustical improvements, installation of NYU banners, a new podium, new wireless microphones and ceiling speakers, a new digital media processor, recording capabilities for archiving and podcasting lectures, perimeter shelving for power-charging stations, and new ceiling lighting.

“We are honored to be able to help make a difference at the NYU College of Dentistry," said Oliver Schiller, third generation heir to the company and current CEO.

"Our contribution to the modernization of the new Septodont Lecture Hall is an opportunity to further enhance the excellent educational environment that NYU is known for around the world. We recognize the quality of dentistry that comes out of this fine school, as well as cutting-edge research that will make such a positive difference in how dentistry is practiced in the future.”

Added Dean Charles N. Bertolami: “NYUCD is proud to name the Septodont Lecture Hall in recognition of Septondont’s extraordinarily generous and thoughtful gift. We are confident that our academic community and visitors will appreciate the new look and feel of the space for years to come.”

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