What not to do as a speaker

Aug. 4, 2006
Participants in a RDH Under One Roof workshop for speaking skills provides a top 10 "don't do" list for speakers. Actually, there's 11 no-no's.

Top "Speaker Don'ts" from the UOR Speaking Workshop Participants

1. Reading word-for-word from PowerPoint slides

2. Speaking too fast

3. Speaking in monotone - no variety in inflection

4. Giving so much information that the audience cannot keep up or absorb the main points

5. Not using a microphone

6. Using "I" too much. "I did this … I met that person … I, I, I"

7. Lack of stage movement

8. Not controlling the audience questions. Allowing the audience to stray from the objective of the program

9. Incorrectly spelled words on PowerPoint slides

10. Hard-to-read colors and fonts on PowerPoint slides

11. Incomplete hand-outs

Look for another Speaker's Workshop at UOR 2007. Potential focus: Platform Skills.