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New book supports dental hygienists

Sept. 28, 2010
Exploring Transitions, LLC, announces a third in their series of books for the dental and dental hygiene market.
Sun Prairie, WI -- Exploring Transitions, LLC, announces the third in their series of books for the dental hygiene market. "The Purple Guide: Paper Persona" is the newest installment in the series of books to support dental hygienists."Dental hygienists with over a decade of experience were having trouble finding jobs," coauthor Shirley Gutkowski revealed. "When I looked at their resumes, I was pained because they listed processes and procedures that a third semester dental hygiene student was proficient in, so I decided a book would be helpful for those hygienists.”

"The Purple Guide: Paper Persona" is a career guide mapped out into five-year segments covering resumes, curriculum vitae (CV), and portfolios, the three main paper components in any professional’s life.

Dr. Heidi Emmerling, RDH, coauthor of "Paper Persona" is a specialist in the paper documents of dental hygiene. She is currently the interim director of the dental hygiene program at Sacramento City College, and popular author of professional and consumer articles.

“As we were writing the book, it became very obvious that we needed to provide a workbook so people could have some instruction on how to gather the data necessary for portfolios and CV in particular," Dr. Emmerling said. "So we wrote two books at once.” "The Purple Guide: Paper Persona Workbook" is due out later in 2010.

Any of the books in the series can be purchased online at They can also be purchased at any of the live programs presented by either author across the country. Special pricing is available for larger orders.

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