One dentist holds two top positions at Case Western Reserve University

July 10, 2002
Jerold S. Goldberg, DDS, is dean of the university's School of Dentistry and interim dean of its School of Medicine.

Jerold S. Goldberg, DDS, is working with dual degrees -- not as a student at Case Western Reserve University, but as dean of the university's School of Dentistry and interim dean of its School of Medicine.

Goldberg has been a member of the Ohio Dental Association since 1974 and is a current board member of the Ohio Dental Association Foundation. He has served on the ODA Council on Dental Education and Licensure, and has been both a delegate and alternate to the association's House of Delegates. He was appointed dean of the CWRU School of Dentistry in 1997. Goldberg assumed the interim dean position at the School of Medicine on July 1, 2002, replacing former dean of the medical school, Nathan A. Berger. Berger is now director of the Center for Science, Health and Society, a joint venture between CWRU and the city of Cleveland.

Carrying a dual load of responsibility for both the dental and medical schools won't be so difficult, Goldberg said, because the responsibilities are similar -- and because he has been involved with the university for more than three decades. "I have the highest level of respect and admiration for the institution, its faculty and its contribution to society. I feel honored and privileged to have been asked to serve short term in this leadership role and it is my goal to keep the institution moving at its usual high rate of achievement over this interim period."

According to the university's interim president, James Wagner, Goldberg's proven performance within the dental school as an administrative leader, along with strong communication skills and problem solving abilities, will serve the medical school well. "We anticipate that through his leadership, the School of Medicine will continue to advance toward the successful attainment of its established objectives and will even feel free to identify and address new ones. The medical school will not skip a beat under Dean Goldberg's leadership," Wagner said.

The college of dentistry at CWRU has 39 full-time and 31 half-time faculty, and over 300 students enrolled in undergraduate or graduate dental programs. The university's school of medicine is the largest biomedical research institution in Ohio, CWRU officials report -- and is ranked 14th among U.S. medical schools in terms of NIH funding received.