Delta Dental awards grants totalling $1 million in support of research at UMDNJ-New Jersey Dental School

April 1, 2002
Three studies will be targeted with the money.

The Delta Dental Plan of New Jersey Foundation, Inc., has awarded three grants to the Foundation of the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (UMDNJ) totalling more than $1 million in support of work being conducted by reserachers at the UMDNJ-New Jersey Dental School.

"Delta Dental recognizes the vital importance of the UMDNJ-New Jersey Dental School in the overall oral health and delivery of dental care throughout our state," said Walter VanBrunt, president and CEO of Delta Dental Plan of New Jersey, Inc. (Delta Dental). "We are pleased to be able to provide the funds that will help advance dental health in New Jersey through the dental school."

According to Scott Navarro, DDS, vice president of professional services, Delta Dental, the gifts are "consistent with the findings of the Surgeon General, who called for private and public collaboration to help answer the unmet health needs of underserved populations."

One study that was funded, "Occlusal Hidden Caries," being conducted by researcher Jeffrey Linfante, DMD, will look at tooth decay in the groves and pits of teeth in African-American childeren ages 9-14 to increase early detection of cavities. The second grant will examine Juvenile Aggressive Periodontal Diseases, and the third will allow researcher Maxine Strickland, DMD, to see if special power toothbrushes will provide physically challenged individuals with cleaner teeth and better dental health.