Online community for RDHs, dental hygiene students, faculty established

Aug. 9, 2007
Hu-Friedy cyber-home,, began Aug. 1.

CHICAGO, Illinois--Hu-Friedy has opened the doors to a new "cyber-home" exclusively for RDHs, dental hygiene students and faculty.

The home, which resides at Web address, began Aug. 1. The online membership program began its construction after Hu-Friedy reached out to a sampling of the dental hygiene community via survey and interviews and discovered the respondents had various needs whose solutions could form a solid framework for a web-based program.

The site is tailored to encourage and enhance communication between dental hygienists, their fellow colleagues, and Hu-Friedy allowing direct relationships to develop and grow. It will remain an open and dynamic space for dental hygienists to:

* Learn about Hu-Friedy products and services with engaging presentations
* Earn "Hu-Points" through program involvement and interaction
* Participate in product evaluations
* Share content and professional advice
* Provide feedback on their needs and demonstrate their hygiene knowledge
* Free online CE courses will be offered to members as the program grows!

Friends of Hu-Friedy can be considered a virtual sanctuary, a place where RDHs can meet up with their friends to bond over professional topics, seek advice, or find support for their clinical needs.

The first 200 registrants will receive a complimentary Y-ME Curette to evaluate and keep.

More Friends = More Opportunities to Share, Connect and Grow!

For more information on Friends of Hu-Friedy, call 1-800-Hu-Friedy or contact an authorized Hu-Friedy representative.