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EMS introduces three technologies in one

Feb. 7, 2012
EMS introduces Air-flow Master Piezon.
EMS is introducing the ultimate device for periodontal disease management —the Air-flow Master Piezon®.In one innovative device, they have combined three EMS technologies — Piezon®, the next generation(with new V-Class handpiece), Air-flow® supragingival air polishing, and Perio-flow® subgingival glycine powderair polishing (GPAP) for biofilm removal in just five seconds per site.Implant maintenance has never been easier or more effective than with Perio-flow® technology, which uses a25 μm ultra fine glycine Perio powder along with the unique Perio-flow handpiece and disposable Perio-flownozzle tip with three horizontal outlets for air and powder, and one vertical outlet for water. The resulting biokineticenergy removes subgingival biofilm in just five seconds per site with increased patient comfort.Achieving maximum clinical outcomes with minimal cumulative impact is what drives EMS's innovations, and theAir-flow Master Piezon is a great combination of their achievements toward this goal in one uniquedevice for the ultimate partner in periodontal disease management.Visit EMS at Chicago Midwinter Meeting, Booth 3107.The EMS delivery system (Perio-Flow) is mentioned in Kimberly Miller's article, The Four-Pronged Approach.For more about EMS, visit

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