Syneron Laser-in-Handpiece

Dec. 13, 2010
Technology combines maneuverability of standard drills with power and efficiency of lasers.

YOKNEAM, Israel--Syneron Dental, a provider of dental laser solutions, has announced a patented Litetouch System, featuring the company's Laser-in-Handpiece technology, has been installed in numerous clinics and universities in 2010.

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The system provides dentists across Europe and the Far East with the ability to use lasers to perform complex dental procedures that had previously not been possible with traditional dental laser systems.

Syneron Dental's LiteTouch is an all-tissue, nonfiber, nonarticulated arm Er: YAG dental laser for use on hard- and soft-tissue procedures. LiteTouch generates the laser’s energy within the handpiece, allowing for greater energy transfer than ever before. It provides dentists with high-speed cutting ability, power, precision, and maneuverability.

By placing the laser chamber within the handpiece, Syneron eliminated the need for fiber, and reduced the size of the overall machine by removing the optical table and articulated arm. The fiberless design also inhibits energy loss, allowing for a strong and accurate laser beam. The handpiece, designed like a normal drill, allows for easy adoption, and rotates 360 degrees for precision.

"Syneron Dental's technology is proving to be a game changer for the dentists currently operating our LiteTouch systems, allowing them to perform procedures previously impossible with standard lasers," said Ira Prigat, president of Syneron Dental. "We are very proud of our accomplishments over the last year and we look forward to introducing new product enhancements in 2011 and entering into new worldwide markets."

In the last year, in conjunction with the introduction of technology in Europe and the Far East, Syneron Dental also began offering online training seminars for dentists using the system. The training features industry thought leaders, such as Dr. Mark Levin, medical director of Tel Aviv's Mediclinic Medical Center.

Additionally, the company has opened six new training centers across Germany, and has signed up new distribution channels in Germany and Switzerland.

Additional highlights from 2010 include:

* Participation in a number of leading industry events in Europe and Asia

* The addition of several leading academics to Syneron Dental's key opinion leader team

* Launch of new corporate branding, including the company's "Express Your Mastery" tagline.

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