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In brief: An innovation for implant healing; SmileDirectClub sued for refund policy

Dec. 19, 2022
Learn about a development that could promote faster healing for dental implants, a legal situation for an online ortho company, and more.
Elizabeth S. Leaver, Digital content manager

New “scaffolds” could improve implant healing

Building on previous research about strontium, an element that behaves much like calcium, researchers at the State University of New York at Buffalo have developed an innovation they say can promote faster healing of dental implants. Using a scaffold loaded with strontium and personalized to fit any size dental implant can promote the function of fibroblasts, a type of cell that forms connective tissues and plays a critical role in wound healing. 

DPs didn’t have increased risk of COVID, says study

Even at the height of the pandemic, dental professionals were not at an increased risk of contracting COVID-19 in clinical settings, provided they wore standard PPE and participated in comprehensive surveillance testing. A recent study, published in JAMA Open Network from research done at Harvard School of Dental Medicine, indicated that “the overall asymptomatic test positivity rate remained low at 0.27 percent. Being involved in clinical activities did not increase the risk of COVID-19; while individuals involved in clinical activities performed a higher number of tests per week on average, test positivity rate remained lower than non-clinical individuals.”

CDC awards $3 billion for health-care infrastructure

The CDC is awarding more than $3 billion to help strengthen public health workforce and infrastructure across the US after the severe stresses brought on by the pandemic. The funding would cover all state, local and territorial health departments across the country with the purpose “to build and reinforce the nation's public health workforce and infrastructure,” says CDC director Rochelle Wilensky.

World's biggest dental companies

Yahoo and Insider Monkey offer an interesting and detailed look at the world’s 12 biggest dental companies, from renowned companies such as Procter & Gamble to significant players in the implant space.

SmileDirectClub sued by DC attorney general

Stating its intent to “give voice to those who are silenced,” the DC attorney general’s office is suing SmileDirectClub for its refund policy. The popular online orthodontics company promises to refund customers unhappy with their purchase, but the lawsuit alleges that when customers tried to get their money back after 30 days, they were required to sign nondisclosure agreements to get their refunds, a violation of DC law.