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In brief: Concerns with online aligners; intensive perio treatment not helpful to heavy smokers

Feb. 2, 2023
Learn about a rise in reports of issues with clear aligners ordered online; how to overcome imposter syndrome; heavy smokers' response to gum disease treatment; and more.
Elizabeth S. Leaver, Digital content manager

“Wobbly teeth” and gum recession reported from online aligners

The BBC reports an uptick of UK dentists whose patients have ordered clear aligners from the internet and experienced results ranging from unsatisfactory to “disastrous.” Smile Direct Club says its aligners have been used successfully by a majority of buyers, but dentists believe many customers are unaware of the potential harms: "One of my front teeth has become wobbly, my enamel feels all funny, like the aligners have rubbed some of it off, the aligners have made my gum recede making it agony," reported one user.

Pandemic at “transition point” but still a global health emergency

Although “we’re in a far better situation now” compared to this time last year, the WHO said earlier this week that the pandemic will remain a global health emergency, adding that “there is little doubt” the virus will remain despite mitigating factors.

NSAIDs linked to enamel defects in children

Following a sharp rise in the number of children who need treatment for dental enamel defects (DEDs), researchers in Brazil conducted a study to examine the effects of celecoxib and indomethacin, commonly prescribed NSAIDs, with initial findings pointing to a possible link between the medications and DEDs.

Overcoming imposter syndrome

Imposter syndrome isn't really a disorder, but a “pretty common phenomenon where high-achieving people feel like they are somehow not good enough or that somehow they are a fraud”—and new dentists are particularly susceptible. The ADA reports some of their stories and how they’ve worked to overcome it.

Intensive perio tx doesn't help heavy smokers, study finds

A new study on the effect of different levels of smoking as that relates to the treatment of more or less advanced cases of periodontitis shows that heavy smokers with the most severe forms of gum disease get no benefit from the treatment, “despite the fact that this particular group had received the most extensive, individually designed treatment.” According to a study author, the results point to the need for increasing referrals to smoking cessation courses in the periodontitis treatment.