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Proper communication in the workplace: What, why, and how

July 17, 2023
Simple changes in communication can mean enhanced engagement, reduced stress, and increased productivity. Here are some ways you can accomplish this in the dental office.

What is proper communication in the workplace?

Proper communication is an integral part not only of romantic relationships and friendships but also work relationships. Everyone receives and shares information differently, so it’s important to understand the various methods of communication on a broad scale as well as how those around you communicate.

Don’t confuse workplace communication styles and strengths with love languages. I worked briefly at an office where we had to take a love language quiz and share our results at a meeting, so they could also be posted throughout the office. Proper communication between team members is critical, but love languages are meant to be shared with romantic partners—not coworkers and employers.

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Why should communication be improved?

Effective communication is crucial for the dental team’s success, and it benefits all involved. According to an article from Forbes, effective communication within the workplace can boost employees’ motivation, engagement, and satisfaction, thus increasing productivity.1 There are a variety of books and short online quizzes that can help provide this insightful information and explain how to best to utilize it. Consulting companies can also offer these services. A strong foundation is needed for success and reaching goals as a dental team, and this can be achieved by learning to implement effective communication.

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Gallup is a firm that helps to build successful businesses by focusing on employee engagement.2 It has surveyed many employees and customers for more than 80 years, supplying employers with evidence-based information.2 Gallup’s 2023 Global Workplace Report found that 59% of the world’s employees are quiet quitting, meaning they are psychologically disengaged from their employer and most likely are experiencing burnout and stress.2 Of those who reported quiet quitting, 41% indicated that changing the engagement and culture in the workplace would make a difference.2 This information speaks volumes, especially when employee stress and burnout can be reduced with a simple fix.

How can you improve communication?

Aside from utilizing consulting firms, effective communication can start with simple changes from both employers and employees. Ask yourself these questions: What is the goal? and Who needs to hear the information? Be mindful of how others like to receive information, whether it is in writing or face-to-face. You can practice active listening, which means you aren’t just listening to respond. Practice employers can prioritize team meetings and one-on-one sessions to boost communication skills.

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The bottom line is that employees want to be heard, recognized, and valued—and this can be accomplished through proper communication and feedback. Enhancing workplace communication benefits everyone—the team, dentists, and patients. Effective communication leads to better work relationships between all team members and helps create a more trusting environment and better utilization of skills and talents. It creates a positive, motivating environment, leading to increased productivity. And it reduces negativity and conflicts within the workplace, also leading to increased productivity.

If simple changes can mean enhanced engagement, reduced stress, and increased productivity, why not implement them? It’s a win-win for everyone.

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