Fast 5: Lead shielding, weight loss drugs, quitting jobs

March 1, 2024
Make sure you didn't miss any of our biggest stories from February on new ADA guidelines, how to know when you should really quit a job, amalgam bans, and more.
Amelia Williamson DeStefano, Group Editorial Director

Big changes in lead shielding recommendations

Lead shielding has been called into question for a few years now, and earlier this month, the American Dental Association released new guidelines saying it no longer recommended dental practitioners use lead abdominal aprons or thyroid collars on patients when taking dental x-rays.

The change was based on a review of numerous studies, and the development of modern radiographic equipment, which uses a lower amount of ionizing radiation and focuses the beam on a smaller part of the body.

Learn more about the new guidelines here.

Ozempic and dentistry: What it means for you

Last year, the medical community saw an explosion of diabetes medications being used for weight loss. Drugs such as Ozempic and Wegovy offer what has been elusive in the past—effective weight loss. But they come with costs, both financial and physical. These drugs can have dental implications and their use can point to underlying systemic issues.

Here’s what dental clinicians need to know. 

Want to quit your hygiene job? The grass isn’t always greener. 

Money is often a primary reason hygienists move on from a job, but seasoned RDH Amanda Hill advises that you take a second look at your current position. From flexibility to benefits, there’s a lot more to consider than just salary.

Don’t make these common mistakes when thinking about a new position.

What you need to know about the Philips proposed CPAP settlement

What happens when a gold-standard treatment becomes a major risk? Dental sleep medicine provider Bethany Montoya, breaks down what happened with the Philips CPAP recall and a new potential settlement.

This is why dental professionals and alternative therapies matter more than ever.

CDC may reconsider COVID isolation guidelines; EU to ban amalgam

In this edition of In Brief, DentistryIQ shares reports that the CDC may be looking at revising its COVID isolation guidelines, a new EU ban on amalgam beginning next year, new pain management guidelines, and more.

Catch up here.