Lares Research announces four new high-speed handpieces

Sept. 29, 2004
Each of the four new high-speed handpieces incorporates distinguishing new features.

Lares Research, a leader in high-speed miniaturization since 1979, has developed four new high-speed handpieces, each of which incorporates distinguishing new features. The company also announced the release of the Lares MX (KaVo MULTIflex® Compatible) Lighted Swivel.

The new Ultralite line includes the 557 and the 757 high-speed handpieces. Both the 557 Ultralite and the 757 Ultralite deliver powerful levels of cutting power. The 757 offers 20.8 watts, which is the highest in the industry and a 26% increase over the previous 757 model. The 557 Ultralite offers a powerful 15.3 watts. There is an on-board power maximizer valve that optimizes the cutting power which safeguards against over pressure.

Both Ultralite handpieces are precision machined from the world's lightest weight structural alloy, which is 38% lighter than Titanium. The 557 Ultralite™ features a small head for superior accessibility and weighs only 31 grams. The 757 Ultralite™ offers a light-weight full-size head and still weighs only 35 grams. The 757 Ultralite is also equipped with a triple post spray for enhanced cooling.

The handpieces also feature dual beam optics for shadow free illumination, push button bur changing with Carbide SuperChuck™, and a very secure grip made from a proprietary space-age coating that provides added stain and corrosion resistance. Lares also lowered the already quiet performance of the handpiece line without sacrificing any of their cutting power.

The Euro line, which includes the 557 Euro and the 757 Euro, was developed for those who prefer a heavier, solid feel with a smooth grip. The 557 Euro offers power and durability in a compact head with stainless steel construction and weighs 62 grams. The 757 Euro features a triple port water spray and stainless steel construction with sufficient power for tough cutting requirements. The 757 Euro weighs 68 grams and also has 20.8 watts of peak power.

The Lares MX (KaVo MULTIflex®* Compatible) Lighted Swivel features stainless steel construction, an integrated light bulb, and chair side replaceable o-rings for leak-free performance. In addition, it has an on-board spray adjustment ring, and ISO-C connection, and a KaVo MULTIflex®* compatible 360° swivel.

Lares handpieces have consistently received the highest rating for durability under repeated heat sterilization from one of the world's most respected independent research institutes. In addition, their advanced new bearing technology has been specifically designed for long life when subjected to repeated heat sterilization.
Lares Research manufactures Nd:YAG Lasers, high-speed and low-speed handpieces, the Apex Electric Handpiece System and air abrasion products. For more information call 800-347-3289 or visit