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3Shape releases new Dental System 2013

Jan. 7, 2013
3Shape’s Dental System 2013 introduces new major indications, a variety of powerful design tools, optimized order-creation, and stronger scan and design workflows.
Copenhagen — 3Shape recently released its next generation Dental System 2013. “We are keenly focused on helping labs stay competitive in an industry driven by technology changes, escalating globalization, and increasing regulatory demands,” says Flemming Thorup, president and CEO at 3Shape. “By enhancing ease-of-use in our Dental System 2013, and adding even more major indications that can be provided digitally, we believe that we have significantly increased the productivity and range of services labs can offer at competitive prices.”
New features in Dental System 2013 include: * New user interface for maximum ease-of-use and simplified design workflows — A new intuitive workflow progress bar guides users through each design step. * Advanced implant bridges with gingiva — Design advanced bridges, complete with gingiva, teeth, and implant interfaces in a single smooth workflow. * New post and core design software — Completely new post and core solution with unique scanning and design workflows. * New abutment designer workflow for screw-retained crowns and anatomical abutments — 3Shape introduces a new workflow for designing screw-retained restorations in Abutment Designer. All types of abutments are selected directly in the order form, followed by the new ‘Anatomy-First’ workflow. * Groundbreaking Digital Denture Design — 3Shape’s new Denture Design software brings digital precision and efficiency to a traditionally technique demanding process. * TRIOS Inbox - Labs can connect to any open TRIOS digital impression system in the world. Get Dental System 2013 as a part of your 3Shape LABcare All Dental System subscriptions include 3Shape LABcar, 3Shape’s customer-centric business model that gives users new technologies through annual releases such as this Dental System 2013 software. Dental System 2013 will be available through 3Shape resellers. Actual availability to end-users will depend on the specific system configuration. Contact your local 3Shape supplier, or visit regarding reseller information.