Kodak Provides Dental Essentials for Olympians

Jan. 16, 2002
Company supports athlete's dental care with x-ray film, chemistry, and local anesthetic.

Eastman Kodak Company?s dental business is supporting the dental care of participants of the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City by providing x-ray film, chemistry and local anesthetics.
Kodak is supplying Kodak InSight Intraoral Film, Kodak Ektavision G and Ektavision L Extraoral Film, Kodak Ektavision Imaging Screens, Kodak Readymatic Chemistry and Cook-Waite Local Anesthetics. The products provided will be used at the Olympic Polyclinic, a healthcare facility affiliated with the Olympic Athletes Village. Dental care services for the Polyclinic include diagnosis and treatment of injuries to the oral maxillofacial region, as well as routine dental procedures such as the replacement of fillings.
Preparation for the dental care facility began last fall. Kodak staff assisted in setting up and testing the Polyclinic?s dental diagnostics equipment, working closely with Instrumentarium, which provided a Focus Intraoral X-ray machine and an Ortho Pantomograph OP 100 panoramic x-ray machine, and Air Techniques, which provided an A/T 2000 XR processor. The dental area of the Polyclinic is being staffed by the Dental Education department of the University of Utah School of Medicine plus dental volunteers from the local community, under the direction of G. Lynn Powell, D.D.S.
Kodak has been a Worldwide Sponsor of the Olympic Games for 105 years. In addition to the dental care facility, Kodak?s Health Imaging division has outfitted a medical digital radiography room to provide imaging exams of athlete injuries. Equipment provided for this area includes a Kodak DirectView DR 9000 Digital Radiography system, Kodak DirectView Diagnostic Workstations and a Kodak 3600 Distributed Medical Imager for producing hardcopies of medical imaging exams.
Kodak is also operating the Kodak Image Center to support accredited photojournalists covering the 2002 Winter Games.