Help a hygienist out!

Feb. 11, 2010
"Brenda" wanted to know how her peers think a product has helped change the way they practice, and we offer you their feedback.

In the January 22nd issue of RDH eVillage, a new feature, "Help a Hygienist Out!" was launched. We started with "Brenda" who wrote, "It's good to know about new products but would love to hear how others are using them and how it has changed what they used to do?"

The related survey prompted some excellent responses from readers and we share those with you:

• Donna said of Enamel Pro (Premier Dental): "For patients who have sensitivity with scalings, I polish them first with Enamel Pro. Patients like that I am up-to-date with current products."

• Sue said of Rotadent (Zila): "Just like washing your car gives you a clean car, but detailing it makes it like new. I instruct patients to use the pointed brush dry, no water, no paste after brushing with a manual brush, and expelling the toothpaste."

• Jeanne said of salt: "It wasn't till my 25th year as a hygienist that a rep told me to sprinkle salt on the tongue of a patient that gags on X-rays. We keep small packs of salt in every operatory. We tell kids it's French fry salt!"

• Shole said of Arestin (OraPharma): "The easiest antibiotic to place, it is the only one I use for sites that are bleeding and severely infected. As I call it, it becomes a 'healthy and empty pocket,' which does not cry out help in blood."

• Rebecca suggests that you Google eyewear on the computer, adding: "Protective eyewear for patients. Eyewear comes with interchangeable framework and disposable lens. Patients are impressed when given clean, fresh disposable protective eyewear for their protection during treatment."

• Randi said of the Dental R.A.T. (Patterson): "The Dental R.A.T. enables me to complete a periodontal exam by myself. It reduces stress and time. I do not need to find someone to help or use the keyboard and mouse myself which takes a lot of time. My patients are educated about the periodontal depths and if they can not hear it out loud are disappointed. It is a great motivator to involve the patients."

• Katie said of the Zap diode laser: "We have had excellent compliance with treatment. We are charging an additional $150 on top of our fee for quadrant SRP. In some cases, we have had patients filled in an osseous defect, reducing a pocket from 9mm to 4mm with X-rays to prove the bone regeneration."

• Carla said of the ProPick (Armond): "It is plastic and angled (lasts longer and doesn't splinter like a wood toothpick). It reaches interproximally. It helps the patient when he/she fails to use dental floss, thus keeping teeth and gums healthy."

If you have an idea, it's not too late. Click here to share your idea about how a product has changed what you do as a dental hygienist.