Rising social network for kids takes the U.S. by storm

June 23, 2011
A fast-growing social network for kids is winning the hearts of parents and educators alike with its focus on safety and education ... in a fun way!

Atlanta GA — Skid-e-kids Networks, a fast-growing social network community for kids, is winning the hearts of parents and educators alike with new initiatives such as:

  1. Fully developed educational page
  2. Movie night
  3. Toys swap
  4. Skid-e-tube
  5. Comprehensive blog page for parents

Since the emergence of this dynamic new social network community for kids in 2011, it continues to be the most entertaining and fastest growing network among kids ages 6 to 13.

The interface of the site is designed to mimic the look and feel of Facebook.

"Our goal is to create a sense of familiarity coupled with ease of navigation so as to deliver to our kids their very own social network experience similar to that of Facebook, but within a safe, kid-focused environment," says Mickel Godwin, CEO of Skid-e-kids.

With a diverse roster of active users, Skid-e-kids is quickly becoming the ultimate virtual playground of choice among kids too young for Facebook. With initiatives like this, it's no wonder Skid-e-kids continues to grow in popularity, bolstering over 200% growth worldwide within few months of inception.

Due to the popularity of Skid-e-Kids, an active migration of kids moving from Facebook has developed; and the company remains cognizant of their responsibilities toward children's safety and privacy.

"Also, we have been diligently working with the FTC to make sure we are in full compliance with all the children's online privacy protection rules," says Godwin.

Tamara Johnson, former family court mediator for Los Angeles County Superior Court and newly appointed Skid-e-kids National Spokesperson, commented, "While the Internet can be a very scary place, we are strong believers that social media will be a vital aspect of our kids' future."

Parents and educators play an active role in providing a socially strengthened environment for kids. It is because of this that Skid-e-kids has developed areas of engagement and enjoyment within the Skid-e-kids network especially for these adults. The company has added a personalized dashboard that allows parents to instantly track their kids' activities by a simple click of the mouse.

To learn more about Skid-e-kids and its initiatives, click here