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Dental students training with DentSim rated higher by faculty

Dec. 29, 2011
Dental students training with the DentSim computerized training simulator are rated higher by faculty after the first year in ergonomics, pyschomotor skills, and the ability to prepare simple and complex operative procedures.
A study in the Journal Dental Education titled “Faculty Impressions of Dental Students’ Performance With and Without Virtual Reality Simulation (VRS)” by Riki Gottlieb, DMD, FAGD et al, states: “Since ergonomic development and technical performance were positively impacted by VRS training, these results support the use of VRS in a preclinical dental curriculum ..."The study further states: “Faculty perceptions of VRS students’ abilities were higher than for non-VRS students for most abilities examined ... Survey items that reached statistical difference were “students’ overall confidence in the lab” (item 6), “students’ ability to prepare teeth for simple operative procedures” (item 9), and “students’ psychomotor skills” (item 11). "... Our findings complement others that reported students accomplish more practice procedures per hour and experience an improvement in course performance with VRS training. In other areas of health-care training, greater practice in technical procedures leads to further development of psychomotor skills resulting in greater operator confidence and skills.To see an abstract of the study, click here.Lawrence Obstfeld, CEO of Image Navigation Ltd., states, "This study, published in the Journal of Dental Education, substantiates that DentSim-trained students are prepared to enter the clinic at higher than the standard of minimal clinical competency."