AvaDent introduces the Advanced Try-In Option

Aug. 23, 2012
For doctors who would like to confirm and refine the esthetics and function of the prosthesis

Scottsdale, AZ — Global Dental Science, creators of the AvaDent Digital Denture, announced the introduction of the AvaDent Advanced Try-In (ATI). In addition to the standard two-appointment protocol, AvaDent now offers an Advanced Try-In for doctors who would like to confirm and refine the esthetics and function of the prosthesis.

The AvaDent Advanced Try-In is not a standard wax try-in. Based on the permanent digital record created when an AvaDent is designed, the ATI features a precision milled, acrylic base, complete with modified tooth pockets. The teeth are then set in a ridge of wax, giving the clinician the advantage of an Advanced Try-In with a precise fitting, stable, base plate, and an accurate occlusal scheme that is true to the initial records supplied.

The clinician can then make the functional and esthetic changes necessary to best serve the patient. The AvaDent permanent digital record is then updated and stored at Global Dental Science. If a duplicate AvaDent is ever needed an exact denture can be produced and sent to the doctor within 48 hours.

In addition, the AvaDent ATI gives the patient an opportunity to experience the look and feel of the final AvaDent, including the fit, the feel of the patient’s own natural rugae, and the esthetics. Any esthetic changes that the patient requires can be made at this time.

For information about AvaDent Digital Dentures or the new AvaDent Advanced Try-In, call 855-AVADENT (282-3368) or go to avadent.com.