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Keeping up with the old, catching up with the new at the 2012 CDA in Anaheim

May 11, 2012
Dr. Iman Sadri, a dentist from Orange County, Calif., gives an overview of the highlights of the 2012 California Dental Association Meeting in Anaheim. See what you missed.
By Iman Sadri, DDSThe attendees kept pouring in. Many were dentists, others were staff and auxiliaries, some were reps from dental companies, and a healthy percentage were guests of dental providers. The 2012 version of the Anaheim California Dental Association Annual Session just wrapped up, and it was a dental-themed delight. Hundreds of booths from local and national vendors were on display to showcase the diversity that dentistry has to offer.From the mainstay of simple oral surgery tools to high-tech dental apps for the office iPad, it was a sight to behold at the Anaheim Convention Center. In one section, dental professionals could purchase Firefly children's toothbrushes, and in an adjacent section they could learn how to increase patient SEO at the Demandforce booth. An attendee could learn about Kor Whitening from Evolve Technology in one area and revel at the pediatric-themed Dinochairs, a few feet away. There was the Carestream exhibit that offered digital radiography and Bank of America Practice Solutions, nearby, to help finance it.
Dr. Iman Sadri and Mike Tyson, who was at the CDA to punch out tooth decayDental providers flocked from around the Golden State to purchase what they deemed necessities, and were enticed by innovations that they felt were luxuries. Nevertheless, for impulsive shoppers, buyer’s remorse was probably in full effect, but not for Dr. Hamed Sahari.Dr. Sahari, a Vista, Calif.-based dentist, was at the show to purchase a Dexis digital radiograph system. "I am here to make my office completely digital. I told myself I am here to buy the Dexis system only, but really there is so much good stuff here." When asked if he had any buyer’s remorse, Dr. Sahari answered, "Actually, I have the exact opposite. I feel like there is so much I am missing out on not buying."Innovation has always been paramount in the progress of dentistry, and the technological evolution just keeps getting bigger and bolder. From digital radiography to intraoral cameras to faster claims processing, advances in dentistry have revolutionized the dentist-patient experience.Simultaneously, hundreds of participants attended lectures on a variety of topics upstairs. From infection control to veneer placement techniques to sports dentistry, CE credits were abundant. As the population grows, it appears that the progress of dentistry is proportionately correlative. The CDA convention, spanning from Thursday to Saturday, May 3-5, 2012, was a boon to the Anaheim metropolis that is already home to Disneyland, the Ducks of the NHL, the Angels of the MLB, and California Adventures. Dentistry provided a weekend-long spark to Anaheim, a city that has no shortage of attractions. After all, it boasts Albert Pujols and Mickey Mouse in the same square smile. Author bioDr. Iman Sadri received his Doctorate of Dental Surgery from the New York University College of Dentistry. He serves as the president of the Orange County Persian Dental Society, and is an international dental lecturer. He writes regular dental columns and is author of The Urgency Plan. His passions are cosmetic dentistry and writing. Dr. Sadri maintains a private practice in Orange County, Calif.