Words from the ADIA executive director

Sept. 23, 2009
Three $25 gift cards are up for grabs as ADIA executive director Lynn Mortilla searches for the best ideas, strategies, or techniques to cope with patient challenges.

Dear Colleagues,

Do you ever feel like a broken record … with your spouse, your kids, your patients? Does it frustrate you to ask for the same things over and over and not get the desired result? I think all jobs have this type of challenge regardless of your chosen field or the people you work with. How do you meet the challenge to get a different result? How do you communicate for compliance? What do you say to be heard?

Here’s the challenge I offer you. We’re looking for creative ways auxiliaries can propel patients to respond differently. We’re looking for the best ideas, strategies, or techniques to cope with the following patient challenges. The top three ideas will be published in a future DAD column, and each winner will receive a $25 Visa gift card.

Here are the challenges:

What verbiage do you use for patients who would benefit from an implant but want to know why they can’t have a three-unit bridge like the last time they lost a tooth?

What surgical postoperative instructions do you give someone who has just had his or her implants placed?

How do you explain to patients why their insurance doesn’t cover implants?

A patient wants to make monthly payments over a yearlong period on the implant treatment your office will provide. What options do you offer the patient in order to receive payment at the time of service?

How do you answer when a patient asks how successful implants are?

What do you tell patients who do not practice adequate self-care to encourage them to do more?

We look forward to your responses. Please send them to [email protected].

Lynn Mortilla
Executive Director, ADIA