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Dentimax sensor

Aug. 3, 2010
Sensors produce clear, film-like X-ray images.
DentiMax released Aug. 1, 2010, new boxless, CMOS, digital X-ray sensors. These sensors feature CMOS digital radiography, and produce clear, film-like X-ray images. Additionally, patient comfort is a benefit with rounded corners and with two sizes to provide fits for varying mouths. DentiMax Digital sensors are priced, starting at $6,999. Dental offices can choose digital sensor bundles that include the necessary elements to capture patient X-rays. “Our new boxless sensors provide the latest in digital radiography technology while at the same time maintaining the low cost that our customers expect," David J. Arnett, cofounder of DentiMax explained. "We continue to prove that the latest dental technology does not need to be so expensive.” For more information, visit read more about DentMax, go to DentiMax.To comment on this product, go to