Giving and receiving feedback: it can be a tricky business

Dec. 30, 2010
Giving and receiving feedback can be tricky business. Just as accepting and acting on truthful feedback can strengthen and improve relationships, you can learn from Space Maintainers’ feedback system they use with their clients.

By Marsha Freeman

Giving and receiving feedback can be tricky business. Husbands have known that for years. "Honey, do I look fat in this dress?" What self-preserving male would volunteer a completely truthful, direct, unedited answer to that question? Not many. The truth is, we all tell "forgivable fibs" at one time or another to maintain harmony, make our lives easier, and to avoid hurting someone's feelings.

However, when we do not accept truthful feed back, it can dramatically impact our ability to meet our customers' expectations. In dentistry, we are concerned about standards of care, service, and performance to a third party — our patient! This tendency to "not rock the boat" can unfairly impact the efficiency and quality of care they receive and that is not acceptable!

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