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Elexxion ion laser

Oct. 27, 2010
Claros pico is a portable laser that weighs only 590 grams.
After several years of development work, elexxion AG has brought to market a diode laser that combines versatility and portability and helps make it possible for dental practices to acquire dental laser capability.The “claros pico,” which weighs only 590 g, uses an advanced lithium-ion laser and is a portable unit that permits autonomous use (e.g., bedside treatment required). The battery capacity reflects the needs of a normal every day practice. With only five keys, a dentist can select indications such as endodontics, periodontology, three surgery levels, and more than 25 soft-laser indications. These preprogrammed indications reduce treatment time, improve outcome, and expand the therapeutic repertoire of any practice.The new “claros pico” features a pulse duration of 26 µs with a repetition rate of up to a maximum of 20,000 Hz on the scientifically approved von 810 nm. elexxion delivers the “claros pico” in a complete set with standard accessories that include an autoclavable handpiece, therapeutic applicator and seven application fibers. The “pico package” also includes a table stand, battery charger, and three pairs of protective glasses.With the “pico” and its standard accessories, a practice can offer patients the benefits of laser power bleaching – a new whitening technique makes it possible to achieve white teeth in a single visit. More often than not, treatment can be performed by dental hygienists, which can result in an increase in productivity.Here are some omments on the new “claros pico” from elexxion and user photos: “Endodontists will be enthusiastic. Finally, a laser that is ready for use in next to no time at all and can even be integrated into the endo tray,” said Dr. Darius Moghtader. Added Dr. Ralf Borchers, M.Sc. Lasers in Dentistry, after treatment of a solitary aphthous lesion on the left inside lower lip: “The significant reduction or elimination of pain immediately after laser treatment is perceived as very positive by all patients.”

According to Dr. Hubert Stieve, “The original investment is quickly amortized with a good return on investment (ROI).”

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