First all-laser dental office in New York City opens

May 15, 2002
Jason Kasarsky, DDS, has announced the grand opening of The New York Center for Laser Dentistry.

Jason Kasarsky, DDS, has announced the grand opening of The New York Center for Laser Dentistry - the first all-laser dental office in New York City.

"In this new millennium, laser technology is the way to go. I have been interested in Dental Laser Technology for several years and now I have found a technology I can embrace. It's precise, makes dental treatment predictable and treatment painless 95% of the time. It offers the ultimate in patient care," said Kasarsky

This new technology, called Waterlase, derives its name from an operating system, where the water is laser-energized to create in most cases, pain-free, suture free, and needle free procedures. The concept of an all laser office means that the dentist can use the laser to diagnose more precisely, whiten more quickly and treat hard and soft tissue with, in most cases, no pain. The Laser Teeth Whitening system has been approved by the FDA and takes one third of the time lamp initiated whitening procedures require.

"What I found incredible is that I can treat a patient in 2, 3 or 4 areas of the mouth, all at the same time - with NO anesthetic. Many of my patients are high-level executives who don't have time for long, multiple visits, that's why this new technology works so well." said Kasarsky.

"Just as we've seen and heard about laser eye surgery and laser procedures in ophthalmology, I knew it was just a matter of time before laser technology earned its place in the dental office. I'm finding great benefits in using Waterlase technology, its patient friendly, and dentist friendly," said Kasarsky.

For more information about the New York Center for Laser
Dentistry, please call 212-838-8230.