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Jan. 1, 2004

Optima MX™ — Raising the bar

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Bien-Air Optima MX™ is the most powerful brushless electric motor ever made for dental professionals. Offering 100 percent more torque than any motor currently available, Optima MX incorporates more than 10 unique and exciting features, including speeds of 100 to 200,000 rpm with only two attachments, five user-programmable settings, auto-reverse and auto-forward, light intensity adjustment, and color touch-screen interface. In addition, the Optima MX is brushless and autoclavable, and features a quick disconnect.

Expanding on the unique Bien-Air concept of "all-in-one," Optima MX provides complete flexibility with fewer devices and instruments. Virtually all procedures, including high-speed, slow-speed, rotary endo, and implants can be accomplished with two rather than four contra angles — maximizing savings while reducing clutter.

To schedule a free in-office demo, call your local dental supply house or contact Bien Air at (800) 433-2436.

Dentrix announces version 10.5

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DENTRIX 10.5 is the latest full-featured version of the dental professional's most popular practice-management software. DENTRIX 10.5 implements innovative biometric technology, an add-on software/hardware product that replaces the "User ID and Password" functionality with fingerprint validation. DENTRIX 10.5 also includes chart notation capabilities, a host of new insurance claim variations, a built-in time clock, and much more.

Call (800) DENTRIX (336-8749) for more information.

BriteSmile Magic Mirror: real-time results

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BriteSmile announces its proprietary Magic Mirror, allowing a user to smile in the mirror and, with a click of a button, see what the dramatic improvement will be like following the BriteSmile treatment. The Magic Mirror projects the new smile using the average shade improvement achieved by the treatment. The BriteSmile Magic Mirror is the first of its kind in the whitening industry, allowing patients to see the projected results in real time — a powerful selling tool.

The Magic Mirror will be available on an exclusive basis to its network of more than 4,500 dentists worldwide. For more information, contact BriteSmile at (866) 243-1300 or visit

World's shortest and lightest electric motor

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KaVo America introduces a new version of the ELECTROtorque plus, featuring the shortest and lightest electric motor worldwide. Together with KaVo's new small-head 25LPA high-speed attachment, the system becomes the best-balanced electric system for fatigue-free use.

The brushless motor is virtually maintenance-free. The system runs whisper-quiet, vibration-free, and provides constant, no-stall speed and torque for more precise preps in less time. The control box offers two user-programmable speed settings, and water spray can be adjusted conveniently at the motor.

The system can be retrofitted easily in virtually any existing delivery system using the existing rheostat. The motor, tubing, and control box are backed by a three-year warranty.

For more information, call KaVo America at (800) 323-8029 or visit

New compact water jet offers convenience

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Complementing Interplak's clinically proven dental water jet product line, Interplak by Conair Corporation has introduced a new water jet to meet the oral health needs of "on-the-go" patients. The new WJ3CS dental water jet flushes out plaque and food debris while reversing gingivitis and preventing gum disease. Additionally, its sleek, compact design is perfect for travel.

The complete water jet product line, now available at Rite Aid stores, also is distributed directly through the dental professional. All water jets are proven safe and effective for all dental work. The new WJ3CS features a cordless, battery-operated design, while the WJ7B and the WJ8 feature multiple attachments designed for specific oral healthcare applications. The subgingival tip cleans and massages the gumline, the tongue cleaner tip eliminates bad breath, and the water jet tip (available on all models) provides powerful pinpoint cleaning action.

For more information or to order, call (800) 633-6363.

Silhouette� chair by DentalEZ Group

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DentalEZ Group introduces a new look for the operatory with the advent of its latest chair. With a sleek, modern design, the feature-rich Silhouette™ chair also provides efficiency and convenience for the dental professional as well as the patient.

The Silhouette offers a contoured, no-obstruction design that eliminates barriers near the operator's thighs and knees, allowing for more ergonomically correct positioning. In addition, a thin, narrow back provides access to the oral cavity without reaching and twisting, while new-style armrests conveniently rotate up for easy entry and exit on either side of the operatory. The unit also includes four pre-set positions plus manual controls for back and base height; an optional air-glide feature that allows free and easy floor positioning; and comfortable arm slings to hold the patient's arms closer to the body, allowing better access for the dental professional during procedures.

For more information, call (866) DTE-INFO (383-4636) and press "3" for DentalEZ Customer Service.

EagleSoft points the way to record and file security

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Patterson EagleSoft announces a fingerprint capture device for use with its practice-management and clinical software. The BioTouch USB 200 (Identix) fingerprint capture device eliminates the need for users to type a password when booting up. Simply place a designated finger on the device, which uses the fingerprint as a password and starts up the network.

Use the device to lock down the entire network or just a specific computer screen, and then log in with a touch of a finger. If a dentist needs to step out of the room and a patient record is on screen, it can be locked quickly, preventing others from viewing it. Upon returning, the dentist places a finger on the device and the screen is unlocked. For more information, contact a Patterson technology representative or visit

Self-contained operatory unit offers total performance

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The new Spartan MTC² is an ergonomically designed, portable, state-of-the-art, self-contained endodontic cart built to fit your needs. Integrated with the Spartan MTS ultrasonic system, Obtura II and irrigation system will tackle all procedures. Standard on the cart is the Spartan MTS ultrasonic unit, Obtura II, one slow-speed and two high-speeds, an air-only syringe, air/water syringe, micro motor handpiece cradle, and spacious storage compartment. The MTC will run all devices with one rheostat, including the micro motor of your choice. It will integrate with your favorite heat source and apex locator. Heavy-duty casters allow room-to-room movement with ease. The MTC is available with or without a compressor. This complete and powerful unit is ready to go — just plug it in.

For more information, call (800) 325-9027 or visit

Completely self-contained X-ray unit

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M-DEC's Port-XD is equally at home in your office with a traditional wall mount or on the road in the convenient wheeled case. The Port-XD gives you maximum portability as well as mobility. It is the first design to successfully permit ease of movement both within and between facilities, with a set-up time of less than one minute. The Port-XD is the base unit for the Port-Op system of latch together cases for total care delivery and is available in either digital or analog versions.

For more information, call Mobile Dental Equipment Corp. (M-DEC) at (800) 321-6332 or visit

SIRONiTi endodontic handpiece

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Sirona Dental Systems introduces its SIRONiTi endodontic handpiece, a highly cost-effective solution for root canal preparation. Suitable for all standard nickel-titanium file systems, the unit can perform at five different torque-control levels that easily can be set directly on the handpiece.

The "heart" of the SIRONiTi handpiece is a gold-plated magnetic coupling with its innovative "retro-rotation" function. If the torque limit is exceeded, SIRONiTi gently prevents the file from becoming jammed in the root canal by gradually disengaging the coupling. The power is cut off gently, not abruptly, and without any intervention by the user. This ensures fast and safe work. The SIRONiTi is ergonomically designed to allow for maximum dentist comfort.

For more information, call Michael Leadlove at (800) 659-5977.

Lares introduces PowerLase¿ AT6

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The Lares Research PowerLase™ ST6 represents a breakthrough in the miniaturization of high-performance, soft-tissue dental lasers. A compact, portable, and reliable laser, the PowerLase weighs less than 34 pounds and measures only 9.4" W x 14" H x 18.5" L, making it the lightest and smallest full-power, pulsed free-running Nd:YAG laser on the market.

It is perfect for incising, excising, and coagulating intraoral soft tissue, including marginal and interdental gingiva, and for first-degree caries removal.

The system delivers duration-adjustable pulsed laser energy of up to 6 watts (max. energy per pulse 200 mJ at 30Hz). The wavelength is 1064 nm, invisible light in the near-infrared spectrum. The unit consists of a console, fiberoptic cable, handpiece, and footswitch. Special safety eyewear is included.

For more information, call (800) 347-3289 or visit

New ultrasonic endodontic unit

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Perfect for specialists who require sterile equipment, the Osada ENAC OE-W10 is an all-in-one quartz piezoelectric ultrasonic (30 kHz) endodontic system, complete with the well-balanced and lightweight SE10 handpiece and built-in peristaltic irrigation pump.

All irrigation accessories (reservoir and tubing) as well as the SE10 handpiece and handpiece holder are removable and steam autoclavable. The SE10 white seamless handpiece accepts all Osada tips and attachments and works even more efficiently with extra power settings available with the OE-W10 Power Console. It facilitates root-end surgery, periodontic and endodontic procedures, and removal of restorations and broken instruments.

For more information, call (800) 426-7232 or visit