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Equipment Product News

March 1, 2001
Buffalo Dental introduces the X35 Dura-tion™, a new and improved electric handpiece system for the dental laboratory. The system features the reliable X35 Control Console combined with an entirely new, extra-high torque, USA-built Duration™ electric handpiece capable of fully variable speeds up to 35,000 rpm. The upgraded components and unique, modular design of the Duration™ handpiece reportedly make it extremely reliable, powerful, and easy to maintain. The system is designed to

X35 Duration? electric handpiece system

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Buffalo Dental introduces the X35 Dura-tion™, a new and improved electric handpiece system for the dental laboratory. The system features the reliable X35 Control Console combined with an entirely new, extra-high torque, USA-built Duration™ electric handpiece capable of fully variable speeds up to 35,000 rpm. The upgraded components and unique, modular design of the Duration™ handpiece reportedly make it extremely reliable, powerful, and easy to maintain. The system is designed to handle HP-sized instruments, includes a variable-speed foot control, and it comes complete with a one-year warranty.

The X35 Duration™ System is available from your favorite dental dealer. For more details, visit Buffalo Dental at
(800) 828-0203

Touch-Less® Soap Dispenser offer

To help provide an even higher standard of infection control, Sultan Chemists offers its ultra-hygienic, new Touch-Less® Soap Dispenser free with the purchase of four gallons of LYSOL® I.C.™ Antimicrobial Soap.

This safe, clean, and convenient soap dispenser eliminates contact with contaminated surfaces, exposure to germs, and messy wash areas by dispensing cleaning liquids, such as LYSOL® I.C.™ Antimicrobial Soap, when its infrared sensor detects the presence of a hand. Its sleek design makes it perfect for countertop use or wall mounting.

LYSOL® I.C.™ Antimicrobial Soap has an exclusive, nondrying formula and a pleasant scent that's perfect for frequent hand washing. It is supplied in convenient one-gallon bottles and handy 17.5-oz. prefilled pumps.

For more information, call your dental dealer or visit Sultan online at
(800) 637-8582

Cure All? UVA light-curing unit

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Cure All™, a compact, easy-to-use, light-curing unit from Bosworth Company, features a low heat, fluorescent bulb that provides a quick-curing cycle of four to five minutes for three to four custom trays. The Cure All™ is ideal for use with Bosworth's Fastray LC™ and Light Liner® Dual Cure Permanent Reline Material.

The Cure All™ light has a low profile, making it easy to fit on the counter or lab bench.

For more information, contact Bosworth Company, 7227 N. Hamlin Ave., Skokie, IL 60076; or visit
(800) 323-4352

HELIODENT Vario intraoral imaging system

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HELIODENT Vario, available from Sirona USA, is designed to meet all operatory needs. The product features three support arms, ranging from short to long, for optimal patient positioning; three assembly versions, based on the dentist's unique needs; and, as an added bonus, one-button switching between film and digital applications.

For additional information on the HELIODENT Vario, see your authorized dental dealer or circle the number below. Optional accessories are available.
(800) 659-5977

Virtuoso™ Phase II curing light

Den-Mat Corporation introduces a new light system that will transform any dental practice into a complete cosmetic dental center. The Virtuoso™ Phase II provides superior high-speed curing and bleaching that will increase efficiency and revenue. The Phase II cures in five seconds with a high-intensity output.

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The small, lightweight Virtuoso™ Phase II Curing System is conveniently versatile. The sleek handpiece allows selection of curing times and directly activates the light. It also eliminates the need for a noisy fan blowing hot air, increasing patient comfort.

For more information, contact the Den-Mat Corporation.
(800) 433-6628

Ultra DC™ flowmeter

The Ultra DC™ is designed for the clinician who prefers the conventional method of establishing N2O and O2 settings and has a desire for state-of-the-art innovation. The unit combines efficient operation with optimal safety, and its revolutionary styling complements modern operatory environments.

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The flowmeter has an N2O Lock™ that prevents unauthorized use of nitrous oxide; however, oxygen still is available even when the lock is engaged. A built-in oxygen fail-safe prevents the O2 concentration from dropping below 30 percent, and a fail-safe discontinues nitrous-oxide flow if the oxygen supply is interrupted.

For more details, visit Accutron Inc. at
(800) 531-2221

Fiber-optic repairs

Score International, Inc. introduces fiber-optic repairs to its Highspeed Solutions-Handpiece Repair Department. The average turnaround for fiber-optic repairs is one to two weeks. Fiber-optic repairs are available for KaVo, Star, NSK, Bien Air, and Midwest high-speed models and KaVo slow-speed and scaler models. Look for more brands and models to be added to the repair service in the future.

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For more information and a free estimate, call Score International, Inc., at (800) 726-7365 or send your handpieces to 411 Central Park Drive, Sanford, FL 32771.
(800) 726-7365


Whip Mix Corporation's new Vapor-Jet is a high-pressure, air/water spray gun designed to perform many functions of the steam cleaner and ultrasonic without leaving your work station.

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Connected to your lab's pressurized air line, the VaporJet, with dual-action trigger, sprays either a super-charged air and water vapor or just air to perform a variety of cleaning tasks. It instantly removes indicating sprays and liquids, metal shavings, porcelain dust, and stone slurry from models and restorations, saving numerous trips to the sink. The VaporJet also is ideal for cooling metal and wax for faster handling and wetting impressions with Smoothex Debubblizer prior to pouring models. From impression to final quality check and every step in between, technicians will appreciate the VaporJet's powerful cleaning action.

Intro offer: Buy one VaporJet, receive one can of CheckMate Green Indicator Spray, plus one pint bottle of Smoothex Debubblizer free.

For additional information or to place an order, contact your dealer or visit Whip Mix at
(800) 626-5651

Digital photography tutorial

DICom Imaging Systems, Inc. recently released its Digital Photography with the Kodak DC290 CD-ROM.

The second in a series of instructional videos on dental digital photography, this video anticipates many of the questions dentists and staff may have about using the Kodak Dental DC290 Digital Camera.

Filmed in a clinical setting, the CD-ROM demonstrates the sequence and clinical technique of digital dental photography using the Kodak Dental DC290.

To order the CD-ROM, call DICOM Imaging Systems at (877) 624-6243, fax (604) 535-7320, or e-mail [email protected].
(877) 624-6243

Abrasion-resistant mouth mirror

The CrystalAir™ Abrasion Resistant Mirror, manufactured by Crystalmark Dental Systems, Inc., now has a lifetime warranty. The mirror features a proprietary coating that is impervious to the indirect stream of aluminum-oxide particles used in air-abrasion procedures.

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The mirror housing and stem are stainless steel, fully autoclavable, and gold-plated. A deluxe, lightweight, gold-anodized handle is included.

For additional information, contact Crystalmark Dental Systems, Inc. at (888) 264-4337 or visit
(888) 264-4337

Pro*Sonic Petite Ultrasonic Cleaning Unit

To provide dentists with a handy, efficient, space-saving ultrasonic-cleaning option, Sultan Chemists adds the new 1/2-gallon Pro*Sonic Petite Ultrasonic Cleaning Unit to the super-quiet Pro*Sonic Ultrasonic Cleaner line.

Pro*Sonic Petite is affordably priced, making it easy for dentists to purchase several units and strategically place them where instruments are most used. This eliminates the inconvenience of shuffling instruments to and from a larger, more centralized cleaning unit.

To celebrate the introduction of Pro*Sonic Petite, Sultan is offering a free ultrasonic cleaning basket with purchase. To place an order, call your dental dealer or visit Sultan at
(800) 637-8582

Demetron VCL 405

Backed by proven quality, the Demetron 405 is a built-in-style curing light that can be conveniently built into your current operatory equipment. The Demetron 405 comes complete with the Optilux 500-style gun. The unit comes with a special 11 mm hanger light guide, and it can be placed in your handpiece holder or it can hang conveniently chairside. The transformer would be placed as a built-in to your cabinetry or rolling cart. There is a quick, convenient disconnect between the gun and transformer for servicing and portability.

For additional information, visit Kerr Corporation at
(800) 537-7123

Honigum®/MixStar Impression System

The Honigum®/MixStar Impression System provides clean, easy, hands-free mixing and dispensing of Honigum® impression material. Features like simple on/off two-button operation, dual motors and sensors, built-in timer, low-material warning, plunger reverse button, and cartridge-placement indicator make for easy, fail-safe loading and dispensing. An optional foot switch offers even greater hands-free flexibility. MixStar's sturdy, sleek, and seamless construction provides easy cleaning and a long machine life.

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The Honigum®/MixStar System is an unbeatable way to make an immediate impression on your patients. To experience the positive impact the Honigum™ can have on your practice, call Zenith today at (800) 662-6383 or visit the company's Web site at
(800) 662-6383

Endo DTC, model AEU-25

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Aseptico, Inc. launches its new, American-made Endo DTC (Digital Torque Control), model AEU-25. The Endo DTC features an accurate torque-measuring system that automatically reverses file rotation to minimize instrument breakage and reduce procedure times. An on-board calibration system measures the qualities of the handpiece and motor being used to ensure accurate operation.

Five fully programmable preset locations are available. The Endo DTC is fully compatible with all rotary files on the market.

For details, visit
(800) 426-5913

Easy View surgical loupes

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Dent Corp. Research and Development's Easy View surgical loupes feature high-quality optics designed to give a larger field view and greater depth of field. Easy View offers a variety of loupes to meet every demand: 2.5 magnification (model EV2.5) and 2.75 magnification (model EV2.75). Both models are available in regular (13" - 17"), long (14" - 19"), standard and large frame sizes.

For additional information, call your supply house or Dent Corp. Research and Development at (800) 454-9244 or e-mail [email protected].
(800) 454-9244

DDUS60 ultrasonic cleaning system

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Dentronix manufactures the DDUS60 Ultrasonic Cleaner with MP-US Plus anticorrosive "no rinse" cleaning solution. Used together, the system provides optimum cleaning without damage to orthodontic pliers and instruments. Designed to accommodate four racks filled with pliers, this four-gallon unit is powerful and quiet. (It is also available as a recessed unit.)

For additional information, call Dentronix at (800) 523-5944; fax (215) 364-8607; or visit
(800) 523-5944

The Twiny System articulator

The Twiny System is a dental articulator designed for making the stone-casting model with dies used for producing prostheses such as crowns or ceramics. Developed by the French company BM Dental, this unique process allows dies to be shaped simultaneously with a faithful reproduction of the original occlusion, thanks to automatic articulation. Combining accuracy with speed, two-thirds of the number of operations to be carried out are done away with, resulting in a 65 percent savings in working and ancillary time and a lowering of the risk of error.

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For additional information, contact BM Dental, 33, rue Jean Jacques Rousseau, 94200 Ivry-sur-Seine France, or contact the French Technology Press Office, One East Wacker Drive, Suite 3740, Chicago, IL 60601; or fax to (312) 222-1237.
fax: (312) 222-1237

Playscapes Play Wall System

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Playscapes new Play Wall System is a versatile series of low, modular, durable walls that can be placed in any configuration to create a defined play space that fits in your waiting area, playroom ... anywhere. This revolutionary partitioning system uses a unique channel panel system and sturdy columns to make assembly a snap. To make this flexible Play Wall System completely customizable, there is a choice of wall widths and column configurations.

Playscapes new Wall-O-Balls play wall unit is an exciting component of this system that can be used as one of the partitioning walls.

The Play Wall System stands 35" high. Plain walls come in either 23" or 46" widths. All Playscapes' Play Wall System components have a two-year warranty.

To order the Play Wall System or for a free catalog, call Playscapes at (800) 248-7529 or visit
(800) 248-7529

Gutta Cut

The idea for a "simply smart" tool arose from the clinical need to replace the almost prehistoric method of cutting gutta percha at the end of a root-canal treatment.

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The Gutta Cut is a simple device that performs the same job of cutting the gutta percha, but in a predictable, repetitive, and completely safe manner. It has various versatile tips that allow operation in any type of pulp chambers: molar, premolar, canine, or incisors.

For more information, call your supply house or Dent Corp. Research and Development at (800) 454-9244 or (914) 682-6600, or e-mail [email protected].
(800) 454-9244

Endodontic Organizer Cart

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The new Endodontic Organizer Cart provides ergonomic access to endodontic instruments and eliminates unnecessary foot controls and power cords. It is ideal for endodontists and general dentists who supplement their practice with endodontics. Contained in a mobile cabinet with storage drawers, the cart rolls easily from operatory to operatory to supplement standard handpiece-delivery systems. Integrated instruments can include an ultrasonic unit, electric motor, obturation unit, apex finder, and heat sources. The system requires only a standard electrical outlet for operation. An optional air pump to operate air-driven instruments and an optional closed-water system for ultrasonic units is available.
(800) 566-9953

Sabre EZ-Headlight

A fully adjustable, high-intensity headlight for office and consult exams is being introduced by Sabre Medical Instruments.

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The headlight features a bright, 8,000-candlepower Xenon lamp that provides high-intensity, coaxial lighting without a halo effect and is housed in an easy-to-position swivel that can be folded up and out of one's line of sight.

For more details, visit Sabre Medical Instruments, LLC at
(888) 731-2327

Digital X-Ray Pulse Counter/Timer

Poor or inconsistent quality of X-ray images often is caused by inaccuracy or inconsistency of the generator's timer. This results in costly repeat examinations and is hazardous to the patient who might receive unnecessary radiation doses. Regular monitoring of X-ray systems and timers is an essential part of a good quality-assurance program.

The Digital X-Ray Pulse Counter/Timer (model 07-453) from Nuclear Associates is a noninvasive, solid-state instrument that can be used to measure the exposure time of either AC or DC X-rays. It also can measure the duration of radiation output produced by a wide variety of medical and dental X-ray systems.

For more information or to place an order, call (888) 466-8257 or (516) 741-6360, or visit or
(888) 466-8257

Bendistal Pliers

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The Bendistal Pliers are developed and marketed by Dr. Suhail A. Khouri, an orthodontist in St. Louis. The pliers place a 90-degree bend on the distal end of all sizes of titanium, nitinol, and thermal orthodontic wires with one squeeze. They are specially designed longer and more narrow than other orthodontic pliers for easy access and manipulation in buccal molar tube areas. They are made in a set of left and right pliers to serve all four quadrants of the mouth.

Using these advanced pliers, orthodontic clinicians do not have to deal with tie backs, wire annealing, or wasting time on repairing broken molar tubes from wires overtwisting. They increase mixed dentition patient base and virtually eliminate emergency visits.

For additional information, visit Dr. Khouri at
(636) 230-9933