SybronEndo announces new products

Nov. 1, 2005
Products include a file line extension to company's K3 system, a resin-baed endodontic filling material, and an elements obturation unit.

SybronEndo, the endodontic marketing arm of Sybron Dental Specialties, has introduced a rotary nickel titanium file line extension to its K3 system.

The new K3 shapers come in .12, .10, and .08 tapers with 25 tips. They are available in 17mm, 21mm, and 25mm lengths.

The K3 file is a three-fluted asymmetric rotary NiTi file with recessed radial lands and a positive cutting angle. The K3 cuts efficiently, has great resistance to torsional stress and demonstrates the flexibility required when negotiating virtually any case. The variable helical design of the K3 prevents the instrument from pulling itself into the canal and aids in debris removal.

The K3 is easily adapted to any technique. With every taper now available, the K3 instrument can address canal shaping by apical tip diameter or by the use of varying tapers.

To experience K3, please call SybronEndo at (800) 346-3636, or visit the Web at

SybronEndo offers a revolutionary, clinically tested, resin-based endodontic filling material known as RealSeal.

RealSeal has the same radiopacity of gutta percha, resulting in radiographs that the doctor will be comfortable with. RealSeal made with Resilon creates a true mono-block between the resin based filling material and the sealer, resulting in substantially less leakage. RealSeal also is completely and easily retreatable.

RealSeal can be used with any obturation technique, from cold lateral to warm vertical techniques. The practitioner has the option to choose from non-standard or standard points as well as pellet filling material. The handling properties and thermoplastic qualities of RealSeal are similar to that of conventional gutta percha.

To try RealSeal, contact SybronEndo at (800) 346-ENDO, or an authorized SybronEndo dealer.

SybronEndo's Elements Obturation Unit
Designed with Dr. L. Stephen Buchanan, the new Elements Obturation Unit incorporates advanced technologies involving software, metallurgy, electronics and industrial design with the best elements of System B and a patent pending motorized extruder that makes backfill easy.

The in-line gun configuration allows a pencil-grip use, dramatically enhancing tactile feedback and manual control of the backfill procedure. Patent pending sheath technology allows the clinician to minimize downtime needed for sterilization. The Elements Obturation unit is also designed to be used with either gutta percha or RealSeal, SybronEndo's new synthetic gutta percha.

From downpack to backfill, from filling lateral canals to creating post spaces, the Elements Obturation Unit puts the Continuous Wave of Condensation technique in one simple to operate unit taking up only one third the space of two separate machines.

For more information, contact SybronEndo at (800) 346-ENDO or online at