Dental imaging system available

Feb. 27, 2006
The Rotograph Digital is a new, cost-effective solution for panoramic dental imaging, and is expected to retail for less than $35,000.

Elmsford, NY--AFP Imaging Corporation has announced a significant digital dental product introduction.

The company formally unveiled its new Rotograph Digital Panoramic X-Ray machine and software at this major international exhibition under its Dent-X brand.

The Rotograph Digital is a critically strategic product launch for the company, as it is targeting one of the fastest growing market segments today: value-priced, high quality, digital panoramic x-ray machines.

Until recently, most digital panoramic x-ray units have retailed for $60,000 or more. The Rotograph Digital is a totally new, cost-effective solution for panoramic dental imaging, and is expected to retail for under $35,000.

There are more than 70,000 analog (x-ray film based) panoramic systems currently installed in the US market. The majority of them will be replaced with, cost-effective digital Panoramic solutions.

Digital panoramics are advantageous large-format images of the patient's teeth, jaw, and surrounding bone structure for a more complete analysis and diagnosis, without the use of x-ray film. Panoramic X-Ray machines are commonly used by orthodontists, general dentists, oral surgeons, and endodontists for more advanced patient treatment including implants.

Dent-X has sold the analog film-based version of the Rotograph Plus for many years. This new digital product introduction further builds upon an established, successful product with a proven track record.

AFP Imaging, through its Dent-X brand leadership, has become a key player in dental imaging as it continues to rapidly transition from its traditional business in film-based imaging to a global position in digital dental imaging technologies.

The company also markets its proprietary line of intra-oral digital sensors under the EVA brand name, as well as to a key OEM customer. Now, with the Rotograph Digital addition to its Strato Digital, it completes its line of digital panoramic x-ray machines for use by dentists.

The company continues to produce a companion line of film-based imaging products, which are still widely used by a majority of dentists worldwide. The company estimates that today more than 50,000 of its analog machines are being used daily in practices worldwide.

AFP Imaging supplies a comprehensive companion line of digital and film-based imaging products for use in veterinary and medical applications.

Products are sold in more than 100 countries worldwide through authorized AFP dealers under various brand names including AFP, Dent-X, EVA, ImageVet, ProImage, and DigiVet. For additional information, visit the Web sites at and