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New Product Highlight

Sept. 1, 2006
Accent on Dental has created the Magic Clamp -a product that isolates a tooth to establish a dry field, protects the surrounding tissues, retracts the lips and cheek, and controls the tongue.

Magic Clamp tooth isolator

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Accent on Dental has created the Magic Clamp -a product that isolates a tooth to establish a dry field, protects the surrounding tissues, retracts the lips and cheek, and controls the tongue.

Call Accent on Dental at (845) 634-6159 or e-mail to [email protected].

Magic Clamp isolator and tissue protector

This innovative product is designed to aid in all restorative dental procedures. Magic Clamp provides complete isolation of the tooth. It also protects the gums, tongue, cheek, and lips. In addition, your suction tip can be easily held in place by the clamp. Magic Clamp is easy to use and can be prepared prior to the patient’s arrival.

For more information, call Accent on Dental at (845) 634-6159 or e-mail to [email protected].

New Medidenta TGP is here!

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’Tetracycline Gutta Percha, by Drs. Howard Martin and A.U. Ozan, takes the tried and true root canal filling material and adds the insurance of Tetracycline. Although the use of antibiotics in root canal obturation is a proven and accepted method, the introduction of TGP Tetracycline Gutta Percha is the first and only antibiotic product available as gutta percha points in all tapers.

For more information, call (800) 221-0750 or visit

FibreKleer® Serrated Post System

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Pentron Clinical Technologies, LLC announces the newest addition to its line of clear fiber posts. Originally introduced in 2005 with two body designs, a third design is now available. All FibreKleer Posts are engineered to deliver exceptional performance through high strength (1,577 MPa) and the distribution of stress throughout the root to minimize the occurrence of fractures. Available in three popular sizes - 1.125 mm, 1.25 mm, and 1.50 mm - FibreKleer Serrated Posts increase the options to fit the post to the tooth, not the tooth to the post. Their formulation enables light initiation of dual-cure cements to speed the placement procedure, and they are ideal for placement under all-ceramic crowns.

For more information, call (800) 551-0283 or visit

COSMECORE® Self-Cure buildup material

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Cosmedent introduces a new self-cure core buildup material to compliment its dual-cure version. The material allows a working time of one minute and a total set time of four minutes from the start of the mix. Like the popular dual-cure version, COSMECORE Self-Cure preps like dentin and will not slump. The automix tip ensures a consistent mix every time. Two shades are available: a blue color core material for buildups under metal crowns, and an A2 (white) shade for esthetic restorations. Additional benefits include high compressive strength, and it will not gouge when you are preparing the tooth. Whether you prefer a self- or dual-cure buildup material, COSMECORE will be a useful addition to your armamentarium.

For more information, call (800) 621-6729 or visit

Award-winning kit available from 3i

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3i’s Patient Awareness and Education Kit was created for dental implant clinicians and their staffs to assist in raising patient awareness about the benefits of dental implant therapy. Items in the kit include five DVDs with presentation folios, one package of patient care cards, one flipchart, and seven brochures (one package of 25 each) on a variety of topics. Additional patient-education items include a multilingual educational DVD in eight languages, a waiting room poster, multilingual educational brochures, and models for LOCATOR and single/multiple teeth replacement.

3i’s sales reps are available to demonstrate the use of these tools for patient consultation. For more information, call (800) 342-5454 or visit

New line of Marked Gutta Percha from Miltex

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Marked Gutta Percha have millimeter markings on the cones that aid clinicians in identifying the depth of the gutta percha cone during obturation. Each radiopaque and cadmium-free cone is marked at 19, 21, 23, and 25 mm from the tip, and are hand-rolled with precision to meet ISO specifications. They are available in .02, .04, and .06 tapers, in tip sizes from 15 to 140. Unmarked accessory points also are available.

Miltex paper points are made from a super-absorbent material that maximizes canal cleaning while minimizing residual fibers that can cause root canal failure and patient sensitivity.

For more information, an in-office demonstration, or to place an order, call your local dealer, call Miltex at (866) 854-8300, or visit

View One 2.5X and 3.5X surgical loupes

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Dent Corp Research & Development introduces an advanced, high-tech instrument, the View One loupes. View One is an outstanding value, priced up to 50 percent lower than others in its class. These loupes feature high-quality optics designed to give a larger field of view and greater depth of field. View One offers a variety of loupes to meet every demand, available in regular 13- to 17-inch, and long 14- to 19-inch working distances, with all-titanium frames in both men’s and women’s styles. View One loupes are ergonomically designed, lightweight, and feature easy and quick adjustment.

To order or for more information, call your supply house, Dent Corp., at (800) 454-9244, or visit

SpirapostPFS™ esthetic post from Zenith Dental

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SpirapostPFS (polyfiber strands) breaks the mold of traditional posts. They are made of surgical stainless steel wires twisted around biocompatible, natural-color polyfiber strands. This allows the post to self-adapt to the prepared tooth canal without the need to reduce additional tooth structure. Spirapost utilizes the irregularities of the root canal by integrating the polyfiber strands with the anatomy of the prepared canal. SpirapostPFS is available in an intro kit, which includes 20 posts (10 of each design), Gates Glidden drills, and a Spirapost ruler, and the` refill kit consists of 10 posts and a Gates Glidden drill. Spirapost is available at your dental dealer.

For more information, call (800) 662-6383, or visit

Premier Solo sterile diamonds

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Premier Dental Products Company announces the addition of 33 new Solo diamonds including CAD/CAM shapes, ultra-fine finishing diamonds, and fast-reduction spirals. The Premier Solo diamond is a sterile, single-patient-use, friction-grip bur suitable for complete rotary crown and bridge, operative, and finishing procedures. Available in four grits and many popular short-shank styles, they are made with natural diamond crystals for fast, aggressive cutting.

For samples, dentists should e-mail their mailing addresses to [email protected].

Soothe-Guard® protective aprons

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DENTSPLY Rinn introduces a new standard in patient radiography aprons. Soothe-Guard aprons offer unparalleled comfort. Their silky-smooth material has an exquisite feel that is both relaxing and comforting, along with 100 percent protection that only genuine lead lining can provide.

New colors include an inviting buttercup yellow and cool navy blue. A new collar design contours to the neck and chin with less gapping. They are available in adult and child sizes, with and without a collar, as well as Pano-Cape and separate collar styles with 0.3 mm or 0.5 mm lead equivalency.

For more information, call (800) 323-0970.


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Johnson & Johnson Oral Health Products launches REACH CLEANPASTE floss, the first and only dental floss infused with the revolutionary CLEANPASTE formula to provide a superior, whole-mouth clean feeling. The new floss effectively cleans and freshens neglected areas. The product glides easily, is shred resistant, and leaves no messy toothpaste residue.

REACH CLEANPASTE floss is available at leading dental distributors in regular and tight-teeth varieties. For more information, visit

Florida Probe® new Version 6 software

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FP32® Version 6 includes new risk-assessment screening; MGJ (mucogingival junction) mode; ability to enter multiple medical alerts at the same time; option to print the text summary on the perio chart; keyboard shortcuts dialog; program startup keyboard shortcut; and shortcuts for FP32 and patient-education movies that are added to the desktop. The Florida Probe provides a high-tech, interactive, educational exam that dramatically increases acceptance of periodontal treatment. Constant-pressure, automated, “talking” probe records all parameters of a periodontal exam to the nearest 0.2 mm.

Ideal for both GP and periodontal offices, up to $10,000 per month in new hygiene revenue is possible. Call for free online demo or free information packet at (877) 357-7623.

Free CD featuring Debra Engelhardt-Nash

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CareCredit® is offering free to practices a new educational CD titled, “Hiring and Building An All-Star Team,” featuring Debra Engelhardt-Nash, a popular writer, seminar leader, and management consultant. In this program, she discusses how utilizing effective hiring and interviewing techniques can help you build an “all-star” team.

For more information or to request your free copy of the CD, call (800) 300-3046, ext. 4519 (if new to CareCredit) or (800) 859-9975 (if already enrolled), or visit

Patients can submit health histories online!

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SubmitPatient has launched its new Web site that gives new or existing patients a choice to register and fill out HIPAA agreements and medical and dental forms online before they come into the office. It is easy to do and offers privacy and convenience. This service is 100 percent free to patients, and doctors pay a low monthly fee. Medical problems and conditions, allergies, and pre-medication can be identified before patients arrive, and the office can verify patients’ insurance ahead of time. This is applicable for practices with or without their own Web sites. Visit

Ceramco® PFZ Press porcelain for zirconia

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DENTSPLY Ceramco PFZ Press porcelain for zirconia is ideal for easy and esthetic all-ceramic margins you can etch and bond. Ceramco PFZ Press and Ceramco PFZ porcelains for zirconia provide great esthetics, are leucite-free for better wear, and have a natural fluorescence patients expect. Available in 16 A-D shades, it is great for single-unit anterior and posterior crowns and multi-unit bridges up to 47 mm with Cercon® frames.

For more information, call (800) 786-0085, or visit

Two new styles of antimicrobial lab coats

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Doc’s Duds announces two new styles of antimicrobial lab coats in its popular designer portfolio. The three-quarter-length “Betty” lab coat has been detailed with Mandarin collar, full-length sleeves, patch pockets, and a full-front two-way zipper running from collar to hem. This garment is available in white, khaki, or navy in even sizes 4 to 18.

The full-length “Wayne” lab coat features two large pleated pockets with side openings, a single breast pocket, and back belt detail. This garment is available in white in even sizes 40 to 52.

For more information or to order, visit or call (732) 219-0060.

Natural choice for protecting healthy smiles

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Smiles “under construction” have one less roadblock with the introduction of the first natural fluoride rinse for people with braces. Designed to help with hard-to-reach places, strengthen tooth enamel against cavities, and soothe gums with ingredients such as aloe vera, The Natural Dentist’s Healthy Teeth Natural Fluoride Rinse is ideal for people undergoing orthodontic treatment. Made with natural ingredients, the product contains fluoride and xylitol, and is safe for everyday use. The rinse is available at Whole Foods, Wild Oats and various regional stores, by phone at (800) 615-6895, or online at

For more details, visit

QUICK BITE has the features you want

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AFFINITY QUICK BITE from CLINICIAN’S CHOICE® is a third-generation bite registration material providing predictably accurate bite registrations - distortion-free, dimensionally stable, and highly detailed. QUICK BITE sets to a hard 90 durometer cure while maintaining the flexibility to resist crumbling, fracturing, and breakage.

For more information or to order, call (800) 265-3444 or visit