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June 14, 2011
Single file-shaping technique helps improve practitioner efficiency and shaping speed.
TULSA, Oklahoma--DENTSPLY Tulsa Dental Specialties has announced WaveOne, a single-use reciprocating file and obturation system for root canal shaping procedures. To read more about DENTSPLY Tulsa, go to DENTSPLY Tulsa.WaveOne will allow practitioners to save time and increase patient safety while helping provide premium-quality root canal treat ment.WaveOne is an M-Wire Nickel Titanium file powered by the e3 Torque Control Motor with reciprocating motion--a rotation technique that reduces file breakage while requiring only one instrument per root canal in most cases. WaveOne has been shown to decrease total shaping time by up to 40% compared to traditional rotary techniques in continuous motion.“Single file shaping of an entire root canal system may sound like a myth to some, but with WaveOne, trying is believing,” said Greg Phillips, senior category manager for DENTSPLY Tulsa Dental Specialties. “The patented motion uses a large rotating angle in the cutting direction while using a smaller angle in the opposite direction. This allows the file to eventually make complete revolutions--something no other reciprocation system has been able to achieve. The motion helps the WaveOne file to succes sively progress along the canal path while respecting the root canal anatomy.”WaveOne is developed for single use, removing the risk of cross-contamination and reducing the potential for dangerous file breakage. WaveOne files are available exclusively in pre-sterilized blister packs and fitted with a nonautoclavable handle.With 15 programmable continuous rotation settings, the e3 Torque Control Motor is pre-programmed with settings for the WaveOne reciprocating file, as well as all Tulsa Dental Specialties’ continuous file systems. This includes ProTaper, ProFile Vortex and GT Series X, and the Gates Glidden drills.For more information, call (800) 662-1202 or visit comment on this product, go to