Ask Dr. Christensen: Should teeth serving as fixed partial denture abutments have posts?

April 21, 2014
Dr. Gordon Christensen shares his views on fixed partial dentures and abutments.

You’re doing a fixed partial denture, and you wonder, should the endodontic teeth require posts? In one example presented by Dr. Christensen in this video, he says he would place posts, because the necessity to connect the root to the coronal portion is there, and it also provides excellent retention. When in doubt on a fixed partial denture abutment, Dr. Christensen suggests putting in posts.

In another example of a bridge abutment retainer, he asks, should it have posts or not? If it were a typical tooth supporting a single crown, potentially just a build up would be adequate. But as an abutment for a fixed bridge, yes, Dr. Christensen believes you need a post, perhaps even multiple posts, and he explains why in this week's video below.

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