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SmearOFF removes smear layer and bacteria

April 3, 2014
SmearOFF formula is enhanced with chlorhexidine.

RACINE, Wisconsin--Vista Dental Products has introduced a new patent pending EDTA-based formula called SmearOFF.

The product not only removes the smear layer, but also kills bacteria in one step.

Vista Dental’s SmearOFF formula is enhanced with chlorhexidine, and unlike other mixes, is compatible with sodium hypochlorite. This helps eliminate steps and savies time with each procedure.

SmearOFF removes more canal debris as compared to standard 17% EDTA, and leaves the root canal surface cleaner by opening a greater percentage of dentin tubules.

Additionally, SmearOFF provides the benefit of killing root canal bacteria.

Other benefits include:

• Chelation and enhanced cleansing
• Smear layer removal
• Kills 99.99% bacteria in 10 seconds

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