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April 30, 2014
Carestream Dental showcases CS 8100 3D and RVG 6200 at 2014 AAE annual session.

WASHINGTON--Carestream Dental launched two new products at the 2014 American Association of Endodontists Annual Session.

The CS 8100 3D and the RVG 6200 expand endodontists’ diagnostic capabilities and help streamline daily workflows.

Building on the 2-D panoramic images available with the CS 8100, the CS 8100 3D now offers 3D- imaging and 3-D model scanning in one unit. The system’s 3-D imaging technology captures images with 1:1 accuracy without distortion or overlap of anatomy.

Selectable 3-D programs give endodontists control of the image size, resolution and dose, providing an EndoHD mode (5 cm x 5 cm), for high-resolution scans with 75 µm precision to capture the smallest details of root and canal morphology.

“Just like our CS 9000 3D, which has been successful with endodontists, we’ve enhanced our CS 8100 so it now has powerful 3-D imaging options to meet their needs,” said Jordan Reiss, U.S. sales director, 3-D imaging, for Carestream Dental.

“Now is the time for practices that have been waiting to invest in 3-D imaging to make the move.”

The CS 8100 3D is compact and fits in small spaces, offering practices flexible installation options. The system includes motorized height adjustment options that accommodate patients not in wheelchairs as well as those in wheelchairs.

The CS 8100 3D’s smart bite block, laser-free, vibration-free motion system, and integrated handgrips, help simplify patient positioning and reduce the risk of needing retakes. The system also facilitates safe examinations by acquiring images quickly with Flash Scan mode.

Additionally, images can be shared via USB flash drive, CD/DVD, email, or lightweight screen capture. For easy case collaboration, the 2-D viewer and the entire 3-D software can be shared with colleagues and referring dentists for free.

The RVG 6200, Carestream Dental’s newest digital intraoral sensor, also debuted at the AAE annual session.

The RVG 6200 further shapes durable digital intraoral sensor technology around practitioners, offering a streamlined, three-step acquisition process: position, expose, and view. Practitioners position the sensor in a patient’s mouth, capture the image, and the image appears within seconds. This further streamlines workflow.

The RVG 6200’s high-definition image resolution provides film-quality digital images for improved diagnosis. The RVG 6200 also comes with a convenient dose indicator that identifies over- and under-exposures, so practitioners can quickly adjust the settings to reduce the need for retakes.

Additionally, the mid-cord on/off button featured on previous RVG 6100 sensors has been removed. Thus, the new RVG 6200 is always on and ready to capture images.

Endodontists can optimize image contrast according to their diagnostic needs with the RVG 6200’s endodontic filter, which helps optimize contrast values throughout the entire range of the image for fast, accurate diagnoses. The system’s easy-to-use sharpness filter enables clinicians to customize the appearance of images to their preferred look and feel.

The filter displays contrast changes in real time, and six different sharpness options on the dynamic slider bar help practitioners find their ideal image cosmetic, including a high-sharpening filter for endodontic procedures.

“The RVG 6200 is an excellent addition to our existing line of reliable digital intraoral sensors,” Reiss said.

“Together, the CS 8100 3D and RVG 6200 further demonstrate Carestream Dental’s dedication to providing the endodontic community with outstanding imaging solutions with the highest resolution possible.”

Along with its standard rear-entry cable that makes for easier positioning, the RVG 6200 offers practitioners enhanced ergonomics for increased patient comfort. In addition to the smaller cable housing, the sensor also has a redesigned cable that is 20% thinner than previous RVG models, and it features a Teflon lining that reduces friction of the cable wires.

Additionally, the system now plugs directly into practitioners’ computers using a standard USB cable. The RVG 6200 is compatible with TWAIN-compliant, third-party imaging software for simplified implementation.

RVG 6200 sensors are durable with a shock-resistant casing designed to withstand bites, shocks and drops, plus they are waterproof to support immersion in disinfecting solution for hygiene, as well as to protect against corrosion.

Both the CS 8100 3D and the RVG 6200 system integrate with leading endodontic practice management software, such as TDO software, PBS Endo, and EndoVision.

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