Planmeca launches ProX dental intraoral X-ray

Nov. 13, 2012
ProX intended for bitewing, periapical, and endodontic imaging.

ROSELLE, Illinois--Planmeca has launched a new intraoral X-ray, the redesigned and modernized ProX.

Created for a spectrum of diagnostic imaging needs, the ProX is intended for bitewing, periapical, and endodontic imaging. With a redesigned arm and 0.4-mm focal spot for intraoral images, the ProX is Planmeca’s newest contribution to dental imaging.

“The unique design of the ProX provides the user a smooth, drift-free, stable scissors arm that also can be easily serviced in the doctor office,” said Bob Pienkowski, president, Planmeca.

When taking an image, the ProX’s smart controls help maintain optimal diagnostic quality, even when imaging conditions change. A user-friendly programmable position with three modes helps simplify the imaging process.

The ProX provides flexibility with variable kV, mA, and time in a digital-ready, practical design that is engineered to meet future technologies.

“We’ve also designed the ProX to integrate seamlessly with Planmeca’s ProSensor system, which ensures that the ProSensor is always in an easily reachable, ergonomic position,” Pienkowski said.

"In addition, the ProX adapts to any digital sensor by simple selection in the image mode, which automatically adapts the pre-programmed settings for digital sensors."

The ProX supports the ALARA, or “As Low As Reasonably Achievable,” radiation principle because of its variable, kV, mA and time, This allows the user to adjust the amount of radiation to the minimum value required for the image.

This generates less radiation exposure when compared to conventional AC generators, and child and adult settings provide flexibility to meet patient needs.

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