Lightspeed USA holding hands-on seminars across USA

Aug. 2, 2002
Course says -- Hand Files to Rotary: Your Pathway to Faster and More Predictable Endodontics

LightSpeed Endodontics is conducting hands-on seminars in the following cities: Philadelphia on Sept. 27, New York on Oct. 25, Tampa on Nov. 8, San Francisco on Nov. 15, New Orleans on Nov. 15, and Miami on Dec. 13.

Seminar participants will practice a predictable and economic endodontic technique, using the latest nickel-titanium rotary technology. This technique, when tested in 2,085 actual clinical cases, was shown to be 96 percent successful, while preparing canals in an average of 4.3 minutes.

LightSpeed Endodontics is an AGD approved PACE Program Provider, FAGD/MAGD Credit, 3/8/02-5/31/06. Call (800) 817-3636, ext. 5, or visit for more information. Seminars are $195, lunch included.