LightSpeed Endodontics announces hands-on workshops in January

Nov. 7, 2001
Participants will get the opportunity to try out SimpliFill plus new nickel-titanium root canal instruments.

LightSpeed Endodontics will hold hands-on workshops in Oklahoma City, OK on January 25th, San Francisco, CA on February 8th, Reno, NV on February 9th, Denver, CO on February 15th, Phoenix, AZ on March 1st, Boston, MA on March 15th and New York, NY on March 22nd.

This Workshop allows you to try it for yourself. You will see how LightSpeed Nickel-Titanium Root Canal Instruments can easily negotiate curves to the foramen, virtually eliminating zipped, blocked, perforated or ledged canals. Its unique design provides far better tactile feedback than tapered instruments. Using LightSpeed helps to assure a clean canal� from orifice to apex. You will also use SimpliFill, a root canal obturation system that is so simple you can master it the very first time. Benefits include: no heat required, leaves no carrier in canal, half the cost of other systems and no expensive equipment required. Come try it!

For more information, times and dates, call LightSpeed Endodontics at 800-817-3636, ext. 203 or 215 or visit