Abutments provide more flexibility with implant compatibility

Aug. 8, 2005
Compatibility allows clinicians and labs to restore Astra ST implants with Atlantis patient-specific abutments thus providing increased choices.

Atlantis Components, Inc., an innovator in the dental implant market, today has announced that the Atlantis Abutment is compatible with all Astra ST 4.0mm, 4.5mm and 5.0mm implants, including Astra ST implants with the OsseoSpeed surface.

The Atlantis Abutment reduces overall costs, simplifies implant treatment protocols and provides optimal esthetic results to dental practitioners. The compatibility of Atlantis Abutments with Astra ST Implants expands the ability for both clinicians and labs to utilize Atlantis' innovative patient-specific abutments in more cases than ever before.

The Atlantis Abutment for Astra ST Implants has a conical shape that extends past the top of the implant. This conical shape creates a tight seal and begins the emergence profile for a highly esthetic result. The Atlantis Abutment is delivered with an Atlantis HT (High Torque) Titanium Abutment Screw compatible with an 0.050" hex driver.

"The combination of the Atlantis Abutment with Astra implants is the easiest system I have used," stated Dr. Vijay Parmar an oral surgeon with Bay Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery in Green Bay, Wis. "With Atlantis, all I need is a quick index taken after the implants are placed. I get great tissue and bone response, and perfect esthetic results with this combination. It's amazing how easy it is to restore an Astra implant with an Atlantis Abutment!"

The Atlantis Abutment, created using advanced computer design technology, provides significant benefits to the patient, clinicians, and dental laboratory. The revolutionary product that results from this sophisticated technology requires no hand-modification. Atlantis provides an anatomically correct solution that combines excellent esthetic outcomes, ease of use and higher profitability than with traditional protocols in a single product.

Using Atlantis Abutments, dental practitioners involved in all phases of the implant process can achieve outstanding esthetics while contributing to a dramatic reduction in chair time and patient visits.

"Atlantis' compatibility with Astra ST implants demonstrates our goal of providing the best patient-specific, precision-milled abutments for almost any implant you choose to use. The addition of multiple implant compatibilities over the past twelve months is evidence of our commitment to simplify implant dentistry for all clinicians," said Michael Mancini, vice president, Sales and Marketing. "In addition, Atlantis makes implant dentistry more profitable for both labs and clinicians."