New abutment to streamline process for one-stage implant users

June 28, 2005
Compatibility of Atlantis Abutments and SwissPlus Implants expand restorative capabilities for clinicians and labs to help increase profitability and streamlining procedures.

Atlantis Abutments and SwissPlus Implants Now Offer the Greatest Combination for One-Stage Implant Users

Atlantis Components, Inc., an innovator in the dental implant market, has announced that the Atlantis Abutment is compatible with the Zimmer SwissPlus Implant with a 4.8mm diameter implant platform.

The Atlantis Abutment reduces overall costs, simplifies implant treatment protocols and provides optimal esthetic results to dental practitioners. The compatibility of Atlantis Abutments with Zimmer SwissPlus Implants allows both clinicians and labs to streamline their implant procedures and increase profitability.

The Atlantis Abutment for Zimmer SwissPlus Implants provides a tight seal at the implant shoulder and contacts the internal taper to provide axial stability and strength. The Atlantis Abutment is delivered with an Atlantis HT (High Torque) Titanium Abutment Screw compatible with an .050" Hex driver.

"By marrying the Atlantis Abutment to the Zimmer SwissPlus Implant, you get the best of both products", said Robert Vogel, DDS of Rancho Santa Fe, California. "The fixture mount transfer engages the internal octagon of the SwissPlus implant allowing clinicians to have an anatomically correct and patient specific Atlantis Abutment manufactured while healing is taking place. Now my lab can begin working on the final restoration before I even see the patient! This reduces the number of office visits by at least one, and saves me a minimum of 30 minutes of chair time."

The Atlantis Abutment is the first patient-specific abutment to be designed and fabricated using a patented, proprietary process. The revolutionary product that results from this sophisticated technology requires no hand-modification.

Atlantis provides an anatomically correct solution that combines excellent esthetic outcomes, ease of use and higher profitability than with traditional protocols in a single product. Using Atlantis Abutments, dental practitioners involved in all phases of the implant process can achieve outstanding esthetics while contributing to a dramatic reduction in chair time and patient visits.

"Atlantis' continued efforts in making the Atlantis Abutment compatible across implant platforms demonstrates our ongoing commitment to providing the highest quality dental components to our customers and making it easier for them to place and restore implants," said Michael Mancini, vice president, Sales and Marketing. "The new compatibility with the Zimmer SwissPlus Implant increases the restorative possibilities for both labs and clinicians."