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BIOMET 3i Tapered Navigator

March 16, 2011
System provides clinicians with four levels of guided control for accurate tapered implant treatment.
PALM BEACH GARDENS, Florida--Building on the success of the Navigator System for Parallel Walled Implants, BIOMET 3i has introduced the Navigator System for Tapered BIOMET 3i Implants. To read more about BIOMET 3i, go to BIOMET 3i.The Tapered Navigator System offers guided surgery instrumentation designed to provide clinicians with four levels of guided control for accurate tapered implant treatment--control of implant angulation, hex orientation, depth and position. The BIOMET 3i Tapered Navigator System For Guided Surgery was developed in response to clinicians’ growing interest in using the benefits of Computed Tomography for dental implant placement and the desire to accelerate patient provisionalization. CT guidance technology allows clinicians to determine the locations of anatomical structures and the dimensions of underlying bone, as well as to ascertain bone densities in order to plan and perform cases. The Tapered Navigator System offers: *A guided solution from the treatment plan to tapered implant placement to provisionalization *Depth and diameter-specific instrumentation for precise osteotomy preparation and tapered implant placement *Accuracy of pre-planning and tapered implant placement that provides the option of minimally invasive surgery and immediate provisionalizationFor more information, visit or call (800) 342-5454; outside the U.S., dial (561) 776-6700.To comment on this product, go to