An esthetic implant temporization alternative utilizing the Essix matrix

Aug. 17, 2009
Two dentists offer a quick, effective, and esthetic temporary solution for patients undergoing implant therapy. This technique can also be used as a temporary for patients with congenitally missing teeth following orthodontics or even for emergency patients who have lost a tooth and need a quick replacement.

by Drs. Christopher J. Baer and Gary M. Radz

A common frustration for dentists and patients is dealing with the edentulous space present during the osseointegration phase of dental implant therapy. Certainly, there have been advancements in immediate load temporary technique, but often times this technique cannot be used.1,2 When immediate provisionalization is not an option, it often leaves us with the traditional option of using a removable appliance to help the patient through the healing stage of the implant placement or sometimes using a bonded type provisional.3,4,5 Commonly, a “flipper”-type of an acrylic appliance has been used. Patient response to this type of appliance is usually less than positive. In an attempt to create a more comfortable and tolerable interim appliance, the clinician may consider using an acrylic clear tray material (Essix, Raintree/Dentsply) to provide the patient with an esthetic, comfortable, removable alternative to the traditional “flipper” appliance.

The Essix tray material (Raintree/Dentsply) is not only useful for minor tooth movement, but due to the rigidity of the material, the fact it can bond to acrylic and composite, is clear, and can be fabricated using much of the same equipment already present in the office used to fabricate bleach trays makes it an ideal material for fabricating this type of temporary prosthetic. The material gives you the potential to create one of the most esthetic temporary tooth replacements quickly and inexpensively, utilizing techniques that staff are already familiar with to fabricate bleach trays or Essix trays for minor tooth movement.

The following is a quick and inexpensive alternative to provide patients with a more comfortable fitting prosthesis, which will serve not only to protect the implant site but also provide the patients with a comfortable, esthetic temporary solution.

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