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Dentium expands dental lab product line

Aug. 4, 2010
rainbow Gum is an easy-to-use soft-tissue model material that produces surface reproduction. 
CYPRESS, California--Dentium USA, a manufacturer of dental products developed for clinicians and technologists, has announced an addition to the rainbow brand product line. rainbow™ Gum is an easy-to-use soft-tissue model material that produces surface reproduction. rainbow Gum was designed and formulated to reproduce a natural tissue model with lifelike gingival color. Composed of polyvinylsiloxanes, rainbow Gum is scannable by CAD/CAM laser scanners, and is intended for producing flexible gingival masks for master models used in the dental laboratory. There is no need to use a scan spray when using rainbow Gum during the CAD/CAM scanning process. The tough durability and low flexibility of the soft-tissue material after curing allows rainbow Gum to adhere to the configuration of implant abutments and implant analogs. rainbow Gum enhances the conformation of the tissue surface. Moreover, rainbow Gum’s smooth-flowing application during model fabrication helps ensure a detailed and void-free tissue model. rainbow Gum is user-friendly and saves the dental laboratory professional a substantial amount of time. Working time for rainbow Gum impression material is approximately 1½ minutes with complete cure time achieved in a mere 6½ minutes. rainbow Gum’s low tear strength helps make removal predictable. For more information on rainbow Gum, call (877) 304-6752, send an e-mail to [email protected], or log on to read more about Dentium, go to Dentium.To comment on this product, go to