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Vident MFT denture

Sept. 29, 2010
Teeth offered in five new shades.
BREA, California--VITA’s Multifunctional Teeth are now available in an expanded shade range for versatility. The five new shades include 3L1.5 (~C2), 4L1.5 (~C3), 5M1 (~C4) and bleached shades 0M1 and 0M3. Offered in the U.S. by Vident, VITA Multifunctional Teeth represent a value-priced, performance denture tooth line that provides functionality (posteriors can be set in either lingualized or conventional occlusion) within a limited mould range. VITA Multifunctional Teeth, a restorative product that offers fast set up and enhanced productivity, are intended for laboratories that are looking to reduce inventory and improve efficiency without sacrificing esthetics or performance. “VITA MFT teeth bring esthetics into the lab’s production environment and feature a quick, simple and precise setup that can be used for all occlusal concepts including partials, complete dentures, implants, attachments and temporary restorations,” explained Peter Newell, Vident Product Marketing Manager. The VITA Family of Denture Teeth has a style to meet a range of denture needs. From the simplest full-arch cases to the most esthetically matched partial dentures, VITA MFT Denture Teeth offer one consistent system of products combined with VITA shade matches for nearly invisible combination cases. VITA Multifunctional Teeth are offered in 23 moulds, 13 combination VITA 3D-Master/Classical shades, and two added bleached shades. For more information, call (800) 828-3839 or visit read more about Vident, go to Vident.To comment on this product, go to