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DE's Recall Visit (video) — Narrow-diameter implants with Dr. Adam Koppelman

Nov. 13, 2017
Drs. Chris Salierno and Adam Koppelman discuss why narrow-diameter implants have a bad reputation among dentists, and how practices can use them properly. Dr. Koppelman shares his tips for success.

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In the latest DE’s Recall Visit video, Chris Salierno, DDS, talks with Adam Koppelman, DMD, about his article in October 2017 Dental Economics on a controversial topic titled, “Narrow-diameter implants: Making impossibilities realities.”

Dr. Koppelman elaborates on why small-diameter implants don’t deserve all the hate some dental professionals give them. He starts by explaining that many dentists have been placing narrow-diameter implants without a flap. “When you do anything flapless you have a much higher margin of error,” he said.

Placing narrow-diameter implants is very technique sensitive, he notes, not the “slam dunk cases” that so many practices want them to be.

Drs. Salierno and Koppelman agree that many dentists are using narrow-diameter implants as their “magic fairy dust” on nearly impossible cases. In many of the failed cases anything would be trouble, yet the narrow-diameter implants get the bad publicity. Taking proper considerations to mind leads to a higher rate of success and happy patients.

Small diameter implants. You’ve got to believe!

Watch their entire discussion below, and read Dr. Koppelman’s Dental Economics article here.

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